CrazyLister Description Cleaner: Remove contact details from eBay listings

By Chris Dawson July 18, 2017 - 10:34 am

If you’re still wondering what’s the easiest way to edit the contact information out of your eBay listing descriptions (or indeed any other text you’d like to bulk remove) then CrazyLister have built a cool function to do just that. Their ‘Description Cleaner‘ tool was created so that you can delete the text from the templates and keep the text that is item specific to your listings.

When you add an eBay account to CrazyLister your live listings are imported and they and pull the existing text from your item descriptions. When a template is applied to your listing, all the text in the listing (including shipping/payment/returns etc.) auto-populates the description placeholder in addition to the description from your listing.

Common text found in all your listings (i.e. your template) is set out so that you can delete segments or mark them to be kept. At this stage if you make a mistake you can go back and change your mind. Then, once you are happy it’s simply a matter of clicking the ‘Apply Changes’ button to apply the deleted and approved text segments.

I really like this tool, it’s simplicity itself as it hunts through your listings and even if you don’t have a fully designed listing it locates the text common to multiple listings for easy deletion.

CrazyLister costs $7, $20 or $36 per month and to make sure you like the service you can try it totally free (no need for a credit card) for seven days.

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