Brizebox see some success with developer deals

By Chris Dawson July 3, 2017 - 11:38 am

Convenient deliveries is what every consumer wants but in reality unless an item fits through a letter box rarely gets.

Either you’re out at work and your parcel is left with a neighbour, at the post office or at a delivery depot, or you have to wait in (or possibly wait in once you’ve rearranged your delivery). Some couriers (hard not to cite DPD) do their absolute utmost to ensure that you know when your parcel will arrive. Most will notify you of the day, but DPD will predict the hour and then as the delivery time draws near will give you a 15 minute time slot. They can even allow you to choose your own delivery slot in some circumstances.

The fact remains though that most of the time you have to wait at home to receive your parcel. For some, if you work at home or don’t work it may not be a problem but for those who need to go out better solutions are needed. Those in the country might be able to nominate a ‘safe place’, but what about flats and apartment blocks?

That’s where Brizebox come in, they offer a wide range of Parcel Delivery Boxes, ensuring online shoppers receive their orders when not at home. The Brizebox solution simple to use, do not require any codes and continue to receive parcels until full. They come in a wide range of colours and can be used standalone, for apartments or built into a wall.

Brizebox say that their Built-In and Apartment units are seeing increased demand and they are selling Apartment units to several major developers and have been in talks to supply over 300 units for one development in London. Brizebox have also done a deal with a Japanese distributor who specialise in supplying the Japanese building trade.

Brizebox aren’t the only solution available and neither they nor their competitors are suitable for all locations or can accept all sizes of parcel. However the majority of ecommerce parcels are small boxes or mailing sacks so a solution which caters for this type of parcel is a massive step forward from the humble letterbox.

It’s somewhat bizarre that in this Internet shopping age new builds are still being erected with simple letterboxes and no thought to how ecommerce parcels will be delivered. Perhaps one day all new houses will have a built in delivery box as standard but it’ll probably take local or national building regulations to insist they’re installed as naturally there’s a small additional cost.

  • james
    2 years ago

    “what about flats and apartment blocks”
    – Neighbours.

    yes it’s slightly annoying to take a parcel for a neighbour, you’d rather ignore the buzzer and not have to cross the landing later on. it’s also slightly inconvenient giving blood.

    “It’s somewhat bizarre that in this Internet shopping age new builds are still being erected with simple letterboxes”
    – no, it’s not.

    why not pay for weekend delivery? because it involves the word “pay”. -shudders-
    except you also have to pay for the parcel bin, or pay for it ten-fold if it’s built into the house, or pay for it hundred-fold if MP’s need to legislate for it then build it into the house.
    – I would not be surprised at all to see the price of a new house increased £1,000+ over the price of another, for the inclusion of a (mandatory legislated for) parcel bin built in. stupid people seem to prefer a hidden robbery than an upfront cost.
    would rather change the law and national architecture, than fork out £10 for delivery at a time when they’re actually home.

  • Eggyplops
    2 years ago

    I would happily sign up for this if it were a ‘PrizeBox’, and everyday I came home to find a prize in it (rather then something I have paid for).

  • Danny
    2 years ago

    For what is a few sheets of steel, its got a stupid price tag…. over £300 for something just to hold 3 parcels and then its full…. Sod that, I will rearrange delivery, or get it sent to my work for free.

  • Leader of the Banned
    2 years ago

    Not for everyone but it’ll be a good solution for some.

  • 2 years ago

    As Leader of the Banned said….

    But then I do not live my life by buying on-line each week, like some people do.

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