Amazon Prime Day in numbers

By Chris Dawson July 4, 2017 - 10:35 am

There’s just a week left before Amazon Prime Day and whilst you’re probably well aware that it’s a massive sales day, it’s always interesting to put some numbers behind the hype.

Carvaka have done just that and delved through various sources to reveal just how key Amazon Prime Day is – both to Amazon and to third party retailers. Amazingly, in 2016 77% of all online purchases on Prime Day were on Amazon. We know that Prime Day almost doubled in 2016 compared to the first Prime Day in 2015 so if that trajectory continues 2017 is set to break all the records for single day sales.

It’s worth emphasising once again that whilst sellers participating in Prime Day Deals will naturally get great exposure, the hype of the day means that all sellers should see significant uplift on the day. If you want to maximise sales, get your email marketing and social media posts ready to plug your top selling products and highlight prices for your own products.

The top half of the infographic Carvaka have put together is mainly consumer information, but the second half reveals some interesting sales figures on different product types:

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