Amazon patent for drones to spy on your house

By Chris Dawson July 30, 2017 - 1:22 pm

Amazon want to use their drones to spy on you and then sell you services according to their latest patent. The idea is to equip drones with cameras and audio capture devices and each time they deliver to your property they’ll scan to see if anything has changed since their last visit that Amazon may be able to assist with.

Naturally the home owner will have to give prior permission, but if Amazon spot that your roof needs repairing or that your grass is dying then they might recommend a roofing contractor or that you buy some fertilizer. Notifications could be via SMS, email or waiting for you next time you log on to Amazon.

Some of the other things Amazon may monitor for are a little more sinister such as gun shots or your house being on fire and it may be possible to cry for help and Amazon’s drones will trigger a response. Of course this is no 999 replacement service as if your house catches fire you’re unlikely to place an order for immediate delivery as a means of alerting the fire brigade, but if drone deliveries ever do become commonplace there is a pretty good chance that sooner or later a drone will be flying in the vicinity of an emergency.

“Examples of identified properties which may trigger an action include, but are not limited to, video data that indicates a loose or missing roof tile, smoke coming from a building, brown grass, bent or partially fallen trees, structural integrity issues, and/or audio data that indicates gun shots, cries for help, breaking glass, and/or audio that exceeds a particular threshold.”
– Amazon

So if you’d like a free check of your roof on a regular basis, you may soon simply need to place a regular order with Amazon for drone delivery and Amazon will keep an eye out for any misplaced tiles next time there’s a storm.

  • Eggyplops
    1 year ago

    Completely fine with this, so long as they use the tradesman’s entrance.