Amazon launch carrier agnostic Hub locker solution

By Chris Dawson July 30, 2017 - 2:55 pm

Amazon are expanding their locker solutions to become more than just a click and collect service point for Amazon deliveries. They’re opening them up in a solution called “Amazon Hub” as a carrier independent multi tenancy delivery solution.

There are a number of locker solutions available and the launch of Amazon Hub will doubtless impact their attractiveness for investors. Some solutions are consumer led with the parcel recipient paying to receive parcels in a locker. Others are retailer led with free collection by the end customer.

Amazon have yet to make public their pricing strategy, but their application form suggests that landlords will be the ones to initiate the installation so will probably be the ones who may foot the bill.

Options available for installation types include: Apartment complex with on-site management; Condominium/HOA (with on-site management); Commercial office space (with on-site management); Single family home; and Other. However if you indicate that you’re not the building owner or that you have a single family home then the application form immediately says that your location is not suitable – Amazon are only interested in deploying Hubs in multi tenancy locations and only want to talk to decision makers.

An Amazon Hub is a compelling proposition if parcels are normally left at a building’s front desk with reception staff effectively operating a post room. With the growth of ecommerce the number of parcels will only continue to rise so effective solutions which don’t drain resources will become more popular and it looks like Amazon want a cut of the action.

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