10 Tips to make your warehouse more efficient

By Chris Dawson July 12, 2017 - 10:50 am

With Prime Day safely behind us, ecommerce retailers can breathe a sigh of relief and look forward to the summer, traditionally one of the quietest times in the ecommerce calendar and hence a great time to put final preparations in place before the Autumn arrives along with your stock for the busiest selling season of the year.

Streamlining your warehouse can be as simple as positioning fast moving lines as close as possible (even alongside) your packing table or could be much more complex with the implementation of software and hardware solutions to speed up your workflow and reduce picking errors.

Chris’ #1 Warehouse Organisation Tip

My favourite ever warehouse trick is to separate similar looking products to reduce picking errors. For instance if you sell Red, Blue, White, Black and Green t-shirts in sizes Small, Medium, Large and XLarge, don’t store all the Red t-shirts in one location.

You can make your picker’s lives much easier and reduce errors by storing all the Small t-shirts in one bay, all the Medium in another and so on. That means when you come to pick a Green Medium t-shirt you go to the bay where Medium t-shirts are sold and simply have to pick the green one rather than hunt for the correct size.

Peoplevox are experts in Warehouse Management Systems and have put together 10 ways to make your warehouse more efficient, presented in the infographic below.

What’s your top tip that keeps your warehouse running efficiently (or what’s the one thing you changed which made the biggest difference to your operation)?

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