Supplier Spotlight: Khaos Control

By Dan Wilson June 9, 2017 - 3:21 am

It’s good to meet and chat with ecommerce suppliers. And when I made this video with Andy from Khaos Control Cloud I was intrigued to enjoy a few minutes with an interesting player in the ecosystem. Andy is really enthusiastic and genuine. They can solve a great many despatch issues for marketplace sellers

I liked what he said about efficiency. It doesn’t really matter how big you are but you can benefit from a multi-channel service. And as Andy points out, you can be small but getting bigger. They love the entry level firms because there are no typical Khaos Control companies. But they are also keen about small sellers too.

It seems to me that Khaos Control is a service we should all be looking at. Are You?

  • Martin
    9 months ago

    The problem with these Companies they don’t seem to want users to know the price from the outset like Storefeeder who quoted from £1200 down to £400 I then asked is that per year comparing to Linnworks and never heard back from them!

    Lets be transparent like Linnworks.

    They like to push free demo’s and only after you have spent much time and effort setting up and training they shock you with the real costs.


    • 9 months ago

      Hi Martin,

      Thanks for your comment. There wasn’t an opportunity to get into it on the video, but we are up front and open on pricing for our browser-based solution, Khaos Control Cloud. After the free 30 day trial, prices start at £50 per user, per month (+ VAT).

      Please let me know if myself, or anyone else in the team, can help further.

      Best regards,


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