Sellers report eBay UK gallery fees glitch

By Dan Wilson June 14, 2017 - 9:59 pm

Calling all eBay sellers: check your monthly invoice.

We’ve heard from several sellers that there is a glitch doing the rounds that means listings are being charged for Gallery fees that sellers haven’t requested. It’s not clear whether this is a universal problem affecting all sellers or is specific to certain sellers or listing tools. But even a cursory glance at forums and social media reveals that a number of sellers are being erroneously charged. Have you been charged?

It’s not to be sniffed at. This charge can weigh in at £2.50 per listing per month. That could be a big add to your monthly bill. Indeed, those sellers who have reported it only noticed because their monthly bill was larger than anticipated.

Several things spring to mind. Often when eBay has a billing problem they do manage to make good on it before you get charged. It’s not something to rely on and you should still check. But they do often pull out the stops. Let’s see.

The next thing is, as all eBay sellers know, the look and design of the eBay invoices is not great. It’s all but impossible to search and a huge document if you have many sales. Trying to discover a rogue charge is not easy at all.

And most importantly, why is eBay’s billing service so unreliable? We seem to report problems with invoicing quite frequently. And yet it should be one aspect of the eBay service that’s flawless. All aspects should be perfect. But billing is surely sacrosanct because you can’t mess about with money.

Have you seen this problem on your eBay invoice?

  • Andy R
    1 week ago

    Thanks for the warning about this.

    We can’t access our invoice transactions at all.

    It just freezes up and any attempt to download the file crashes.

    The rolling invoice figure looks about right, but as I can’t check individual transactions, who knows?

    Will keep checking to see if the figure starts ballooning unexpectedly.

  • DBL
    1 week ago

    I noticed line on the hub as my total was more than usual. Edit would not remove either on bulk or single edit. Ebay removed all of them immediately and fixed my Bill on giving just one item number so a quick fix on their part.

    I’d just taken holiday settings off and it was random on a third of listings not really noticed any pattern but it was late last night.

  • Jackie
    1 week ago

    I was bulk editing yesterday and several were coming up with this fee so I had to cancel the updates. Removing the offending upgrade also failed.

  • Karen Wilkins
    1 week ago

    Just got off the phone to ebay customer support and they refunded the gallery fees that I had been wrongly charged.
    I have just checked again and I have another charge that I need to get refunded.
    The customer support guy was very helpful but he thought I was an isolated incident!
    How long is it going to take ebay to fix this one.

  • james
    1 week ago

    “why is eBay’s billing service so unreliable?”
    – ebay slip an extra £2.50 onto a million sellers, they make an extra £2.5 million.
    or do it to 100 items each on a million seller accounts….
    even if you get caught, not like anyone would be surprised, refund the ones that notice and still pocket over £10 mill.
    thats why.

    • 1 week ago

      For all the faults one could level at ebay, and there are plenty of them, blatant fraud / theft is not one of them.
      Get real mate.

    • james
      1 week ago

      yeah and volkswagen would never cheat emissions tests either.

      why can i not level this fault at them? it’s not the first time, in fact ebay invoices go sketchy in ebay’s favour every other month and they dont bother mentioning it unless someone notices and spreads the word. they know, they keep the money, and i wouldnt be surprised if the “fault” was deliberate.

      the rare occasion when invoices go sketchy in the seller’s favour, there’s an announcement via email the next morning and funds recouped on the next invoice.

      your explanation is general incompetence i suppose? thats why the billing system is so unreliable, yet reliably one-sided? massively profitable incompetence.

  • 1 week ago

    Exactly correct James…..

  • 1 week ago

    No but on checking mine as it seemed dear I have noticed they are now charging a final value fee on international postage amounting to 10%, as I only charge it at cost, I am now posting overseas at a loss.

    • BFT
      1 week ago

      Try charging enough to cover all costs (inc Ebay’s fees) and customers complain or do not buy.

  • BFT
    1 week ago

    I have been caught by this over several months. It only affected one auction – for a £7.95 item. However, on checking, it looks like I have been charged approximately £40 in gallery fees for this item, as I have relisted it every week for months!
    Once I noticed this a few weeks ago, I unticked the Gallery box and submitted the listing again, only to find that Ebay had automatically re-ticked the box! The only way out was to stop renewing the auction and bin the goods – saved a fortune!
    The really worrying thing about this is that we blindly pay Ebay invoices and don’t check them – this is because they are presented in such a confusing and poorly organised way that it is nigh on impossible to check everything and you would have to spend a huge amount of time trying to do so.
    High time Ebay played fair on this (and loads of other issues).

  • 1 week ago

    Ebay seems to be totally broken. They are messing with search and some item completely disappear, that where top of 1st page. Just a few, then after a few days they start to return, then go again. eBay say they are not aware but a chap i know within eBay says there are issues with search. Can tamebay approach them for comment ? Customer service point black deny it but it could well be they do not know. It just frustrates me when there is a clear issue that can be replicated to show them to sell same its not true!!

    • james
      1 week ago

      ebay guarantee set numbers of sales to big players.

      if they big players have the same items as you, higher priced and poorly listed, how can ebay possibly guarantee them a set level of sales?

      by hiding your listings when your competitors havent sold enough.

      it’s not a bug, they know it’s happening because that’s the way they programmed search.

  • Gareth
    1 week ago

    It wasn’t so long ago, that editing an auction was resulting in being charged twice. Thankfully I caught it in the forums, checked my statements and saw it had happened to me, and got eBay to refund it. They never publicly announced it, and here they go, doing something similar again, profiting from their mistakes. How can it be legal?

  • Lesley
    1 week ago

    Just discovered that many of my Ebay listings have Gallery Plus box ticked and when renewing I cant untick it. CS tell me I had run up £65 in extra fees which they will refund. Assured me that problem was sorted and I have just discovered that it is not . I now cannot renew my listings without incurring £2.50 each time.

  • Angie
    1 week ago

    I’ve had to phone twice this week to get gallery plus fees removed. Got to phone again.

    It’s a glitch they say but they’d best hurry up and fix it. Happens nearly every time i relist any item

  • Jonah
    1 week ago

    Hand on heart, is anyone really surprised?
    An eBay glitch in eBay’s favour?
    I know I’m not.

  • I am sure that any glitch like this is not done “intentionally” which is what is being implied above. OK so there are a few glitches – every site has them especially a site as complex as ebay. This particular glitch does seem to be in ebays favor financially but this will be not intentional.

  • Vg
    6 days ago

    Since 13 the June 2017 my listings are being charged for `gallery plus` which i never selected. Even if I go to revise the price or change the quantity, the fee shows 2.50GBP. The tick comes up automatically and even you untick, the fee remain same. contacted ebay customer service regarding this 5 times. Still not rectified. Every time they promise the fee will be credited back or rectified today or tomorrow…. but it continues… bit tensed about the problem – because if they keep charging like this, my monthly bill is going to be much higher than the actual sale…. Very bad

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