How to sell on Newegg Canada (Video)

By Chris Dawson June 25, 2017 - 6:20 pm

Canada is an interesting country as they only have two languages and one of them is English making it simple for UK and US sellers to market to. I sat down with Newegg‘s Senior Category Manager Mike Kardalos at the recent Newegg Seller Day to find out more about selling to Canada.

Canada, whilst a smaller country than the US is seeing faster ecommerce growth rates than the US. Competition is less, in the US there are a ton of marketplaces vying for share, but in Canada there are only three, one of which is Newegg.

Mike points out that whilst competition is low, so is product selection which is one of the reasons that Canadians are shopping globally. That’s good news for retailers who launch on Newegg Canada as you may well see few other retailers trading in your product categories and less pressure on pricing.

Newegg is known as the number one tech marketplace in Canada, so electronics and tech related products perform well as do related products.

So long as you have an existing business (it doesn’t need to be based in Canada) you can be set up and selling on Newegg in as little as a single day. If you’re interested in selling on Newegg Canada, watch the video interview below and then go to to sign up.

  • 4 years ago

    Does anyone know when the new Canada-EU Trade Agreement actually becomes effective? NewEgg Canada require sellers to account for the import duties and the threshold is/was very low for that. Presumably under CETA, duties will be removed or thresholds much increased.

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Newegg is the number one online marketplace for technology in the USA. They have 33 million registered shoppers worldwide.

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