Amazon Shipping Overrides will stop working after June

By Chris Dawson June 19, 2017 - 8:53 am

ChannelAdvisor have given their retailers a heads up that Amazon are to end support for shipping overrides and all sellers should migrate to new shipping settings by the end of June. This will almost certainly apply to you if you use shipping overrides, even if you’re not a ChannelAdvisor customer.

What were Amazon Shipping Overrides

Amazon Shipping Overrides were a quick way to change your shipping options for a few products using a text file feed.

You should only have been using overrides for exceptionally heavy or light items or those which are an awkward size and need special handling. It is intended to be used for a small number of products, if you found you were applying an override to a large number of items it would be better to have created a new shipping profile within Amazon.

What happens after June?

From the end of June (and best to be prepared so before the end of June!) you’ll need to apply any override settings you have been using to Amazon directly. It’s possible to configure different shipping templates directly within Amazon Seller Central which you can then apply to the relevant items.

If you do nothing, at some point your shipping override file will simply stop working and you’ll find that you are either selling items and undercharging on carriage, or you are not selling items because you’re displaying too high a price for shipping and putting buyers off.

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