Amazon launches Prime Reload cashback service for loyalty

By Dan Wilson June 14, 2017 - 6:58 pm

Amazon has launched a new perk for those loyal and spendy Amazon Prime subscribers it wants to encourage to spend more. In the States, Amazon Prime people spend $1300 every year compared with around $700 for non users.

It’s called Prime Reload. You already get expedited shipping and videos and the like. But if you’re willing to pre-pay your spending and load up a gift card then you’ll get 2% cashback under the new scheme. You can find the explanatory landing page here.

Here’s how it works. Every time you top up your gift card balance directly from your bank account they’ll add 2% to the balance. You require a US checking account, debit card and driving licence. The extra 2% is available to spend when you top up.

As seems the norm with Amazon, this new scheme is currently US limited (see the terms of the programme here, you need a US bank account) but it seems possible that it may head across the pond.

The question is whether 2% is enough of an incentive for you to get involved. After all, it means paying forward your future Amazon spending rather than just paying as you buy with a card. Obviously Amazon like the concept because it inspires loyalty and any money reloaded is going to be spent on Amazon. But 2% doesn’t seem to make the deal a total no-brainer.

  • SAM
    1 week ago

    Cash back schemes are very popular. Those 2 percents do add up. I use my credit card for everything and have gathered back all the interest taken from the bank from my wild days over the last few years.
    Plus I will double it up and still go through a cashback site (always check price direct and on cashback site with companies some are sneaky). Switch and swap all the time between companies who are only interested in NEW business , you can find your holidays being paid for. When I make more money from my credit card than my ISA with the same bank in a year by spending??? on things I am going to BUY anyway. I would not mind putting money on a Amazon card for an incentive. Amazon keep coming up with new ideas and ebay have nector still and are still think it is 2008.

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