All EU sellers need to check their eBay listings

By Chris Dawson June 12, 2017 - 8:55 am

From the 7th of June, eBay started to block active content in all eBay listings. This means that if you have any JavaScript, Flash, plug-ins and form actions they not only won’t work, but they could make your listing look pretty ropey at best if they don’t render correctly and at worst could mean that key information you thought your buyers would see is simply missing.

If the active content is simply missing, the good news is that eBay aren’t going to actively depress your position in Best Match sort order, they’ll simply block the active content elements and leave whatever is left. However in reality what will happen is that buyers that view your listing and are turned off by your corrupted description are unlikely to buy. Getting views and not converting to sales will definitely lower your Best Match position.

Equally if key information is missing and you start to get poor feedback, or a larger than normal number of returns, this could also impact your Best Match position and seller metrics.

We’d recommend that you browse your listings (in a logged out browser) and also view them on mobile devices and the eBay app to make sure that your listings work well in a responsive environment. If you also have sales on other EU sites, it’ll be worth giving them a quick check too.

  • Whirly
    2 weeks ago

    If helpful for anyone the page below when logged in will list your active content.

    • Simon E
      2 weeks ago

      Thanks Whirly,
      I have been looking for something that does that for a while.

  • steve
    2 weeks ago

    Good this stops scammers from hijacking your computer taking you to another website these java things do any things many have reported this issue and needed to be addressed fast

  • It’s worth noting that in September 2017 eBay will not allow contact details of any kind to be shown in listing templates, so if you are changing templates to remove Active content then probably best to remove contact details at the same time.

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