You can now buy gift cards from PayPal

By Chris Dawson May 30, 2017 - 7:30 am

When PayPal was spun off from eBay, it wasn’t unthinkable that one day you’d be able to pay with PayPal on eBay’s arch rival Amazon. Of course this would never happen when PayPal was owned by eBay – neither Amazon nor eBay would dream of it, but now PayPal is an independent company, why not?

You can’t quite pay on Amazon with PayPal yet, but for users in the US, you can now buy Amazon Gift Cards with your PayPal balance through the US PayPal Gifts store and then make your purchase on

It’s the first tie up we’ve seen between the two companies, although the PayPal Gifts Amazon page does point out “ is not a sponsor of this promotion”. That tends to suggest that Amazon may not have given the promotion their full blessing, which in some ways makes it even more interesting as it indicates that PayPal want a slice of Amazon’s business with or without official consent.

Currently the gift cards are only available to uses in the States with a US registered PayPal account and are only redeemable on There is no similar Amazon UK gift card available from PayPal Gifts UK.

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