Which marketplaces and other venues do you sell on?

By Chris Dawson May 7, 2017 - 9:05 pm

We’ve started a little project at Tamebay HQ and need your help. We’re taking a look at marketplaces around the world with a particular focus on Europe and would like to ask which ones you sell on?

Of course we know eBay and Amazon, but even in the UK there are many more marketplaces today. Flubit for instance is fairly new and then there are the retailers: Tesco; Game; and Halfords. Niche marketplaces such as Yumbles, Etsy and Notonthehighstreet are of interest as are some that may be dismissed by many such as eBid.

Whilst we’re familiar with UK marketplaces, do you sell on any similar niche or less well known marketplaces around the world? Where have you found success?

What about online deal sites such as Groupon, comparison sites such as or paid search such as Google Adwords and Product Listing Ads? Are these non-marketplace venues starting to represent a big part of your businesses?

Drop a note in comments below and if there’s a marketplace you think other online sellers should particularly consider make sure to highlight it. We’re particularly interested in the marketplaces which are smaller, less well known and perhaps unique to a particular country.

Thanks in advance for your help.

  • 4 years ago

    Etsy is good for us

    • JS
      4 years ago

      I would like to take a look at your store on etsy. Can you please add the link?

  • Ian A
    4 years ago

    As much as I complain about eBay’s kwerks it’s still my favourite place to sell for pre owned and fashion watches.

    I used to sell on chrono24 and had some success in its early days but I’ve found they control the process worse than ebay now and you can’t even get an email address to complete the transaction in PayPal – they want you to use their own checkout and it’s not the value it was- it’s become saturated with larger players so I decided I’d rather spend the money on my own site.

    etsy Ebid – not enough traffic. Amazon isn’t right for my products/brand

    notonthehighstreet sounds perfect but last I looked they take an obscene commission!

    I think the future for a one man business like me is ebay/my own site and doing more with Adwords,google shopping and facebook advertising.

    I’d love another big marketplace like eBay to appear where smaller sellers get traffic

  • JS
    4 years ago

    As Ian mentioned despite eBay’s cost and kwerks is still the best for me as well and agree with him about another big marketplace like eBay to appear where smaller sellers get traffic.
    Etsy lovely site but for used clothing very slow sales. I can’t make the jump into running a business on their site.
    Vestiare Collective for clothing again slow sales but prices are high so good for sellers if they accept your items.
    Great topic so hopefully more readers will respond.

  • DH
    4 years ago

    We sell on around 80% on Ebay and 20% on Amazon. We really struggle on Amazon as we do not really have unique products and it seems to be a race to the bottom. We find on Ebay you do not have to be the cheapest.

    We used to sell on before it became Rakuten but it was never big.

    We have also looked at selling on cdiscount for France but never got round to it.

    I really feel should really open up their marketplace and let more people sell on it, but still keep a high standard. Maybe they could start to challenge Amazon as Wal-Mart has started to do in the US.

  • SAM
    4 years ago

    The trick is to try and find some of these niche markets before they get flooded by the box shifters and margin killers, plus having language skills is almost essential.
    UK is becoming more and more for the bigger outfits and it is simply not a level playing field, so yes finding some of these markets has become more and more important. We are even taking the added step of having an address out of the UK for business.

    Where we think the real future is getting away from “lowest price wins” markets in the UK and really building that Facebook market and building a genuine brand and not just a price. Facebook this is what drives customers to us and away from marketplaces at the end of the day the customer GETs the best deal as we are cutting out that middle man it is all a marketplace is.

  • northumbrian
    4 years ago

    online were 100% ebay
    slicing too thin with multiple markets does a not work for us
    we dont have any social media accounts we dont do etsy, amazon or uncle tom cobbly et al
    weve been the busy fools were now making a living

  • 4 years ago

    Ive found Bonanza, to be pretty good for us in the states, it synchs with our amazon FBA stock and there is no subscription so we only pay when they sell something and they also synch our stock onto google shopping

    check it out

  • Ian A
    4 years ago

    Has anyone sold on Catawiki ?

    It’s an auction site rather than marketplace

    I hear it’s gaining some momentum in Europe

  • JS
    4 years ago

    Yes I have I forgot to mention it above. I have sold a few low price items. Long to wait for an estimation and acceptance but the site is easy to use and yes they have been advertising a lot in Europe and do a nice job marketing. They achieve fantastic prices for many items so worth taking a look at.

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