What could you be saving on international currency exchange?

By Dan Wilson May 19, 2017 - 9:01 am

These have been turbulent times in the realm of currency rate fluctuations. Whether it’s the concern and uncertainty of Brexit, turbulence related to various elections (especially that of President Trump), or those in Europe (UK, France and Germany this year) there has been a lot to keep abreast of. Sterling has been up and down and that causes headaches for marketplace sellers.

But in the midst of all that uncertainty, there is one aspect of dealing with international currencies that remains constant. If you’re selling on marketplaces abroad and bringing money back from, say the US or Europe or elsewhere, then you’re likely paying over the odds unless you’re using a specialist company. PayPal and Amazon exchange rates are not the best.

If you’re taking your money from Amazon or PayPal, say, then the rates and fees you’re paying to them are likely greater than if you engage a specialist. That’s why we produced an ebook called “Optimising Foreign Currency Exchange: the guide for marketplace sellers and online retailers” with OFX. You can download it here.

The bottom line is that you can save cash when you repatriate your marketplace takings from overseas sales by using an FX service. That saving could be as much as 4%, they say. And other perks are available when you engage such a firm. You get access to currency experts and also other services that can save you cash.

Discover the possibilities. It’s all in the ebook. So check it out.

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