Warnings over mail delays due to current security situation

eBay.com have warned their US sellers that packages destined for the Manchester area may be subject to delays due to the recent atrocity at the Ariana Grande concert.

“If you are a buyer or seller involved in a delivery from the US to the UK via the Global Shipping Program, please be sure to communicate with your trading partner to alert them to a possible delay”.

eBay also said that they will extend seller protections for US sellers involved in such transactions. There are no actions you need to take; eBay will automatically apply the protections.

Here in the UK, Royal Mail warn that “mail posted between the UK and Europe may be delayed due to the current security situation”.

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I have had many more items sent through Royal Mail 1st class delayed this week than any I can remember. I have spoken to eBay concierge about this. Just this morning I have had 20 reports of items sent on Monday 22 not arrived yet. It would be nice for both eBay and Amazon to allow some extra leeway in these unprecedented times for sellers.

Julius Oliveti • 26th May 2017 •

Hello, WHat is the reason of this delay? I am still expecting an item sent from the UK to France on Monday 22 2017...

Dan • 4th June 2017 •