OnBuy TV ad campaign to launch on ITV in 4 weeks time

By Chris Dawson May 3, 2017 - 1:54 pm

OnBuy have reached a major milestone with the listing of their 200,000th product and have begun the countdown to a national TV consumer launch.

The marketplace launched to sellers in November 2016 with the aim to offer the lowest commission fees available for any major online marketplace in the UK. OnBuy now has thousands of products listed across a cast range of categories including books, DVDs, clothing, furniture, electrical and toys including household names such as LEGO, Star Wars and Transformers.

Sellers to sign up include World of Books Ltd – the largest Amazon bookseller in the UK and the fourth largest Amazon seller in Europe – and Chalky’s, a major UK seller of CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray movies.

OnBuy Consumer Launch

There are now just four weeks to go until the launch of a nationwide TV advertising campaign on ITV1 and ITV2.

The consumer launch comes as OnBuy continues to work closely with its sellers – existing and prospective – on its cost-effective packages.

OnBuy Packages

After listening to feedback from sellers, OnBuy has developed packages designed to give them the best value depending on their requirements. Sellers can switch between the following two account types at any time:

  • OnBuy Seller

    Ideal for smaller traders. Sellers pay a subscription of £19 a month and a selling fee of just 6% on products sold – compared to an average of 15% on Amazon and 10% on eBay. Sellers of many electronics items will pay just 3% commission.

  • OnBuy Partner

    A premium offering suited for traders with large numbers of products to sell. Again, OnBuy charges these sellers 6% commission on sales –significantly lower than other major online marketplaces. For an £89 monthly subscription fee they receive all the benefits of the OnBuy seller category plus access to a dedicated account manager, prominent placement of products and on-site advertisements. Sellers of many electronics items will pay just 3% commission.

OnBuy has launched a recruitment drive at its Bournemouth and Manchester offices to handle sellers’ accounts and product lines as the platform grows, and is seeing daily leaps in website traffic as awareness grows. As part of the growth, OnBuy is developing integration with Linnworks.

“We believe in our model, which is that straightforward, low-cost options for sellers translate into better prices for consumers. It’s a concept that sellers have bought into enthusiastically, and we now have hundreds of sellers signed up offering hundreds of thousands of products at highly competitive prices.

There’s just four weeks to go until the OnBuy brand will hit TV screens nationwide and we would urge sellers to get on board before the advertising campaign begins.”
– Cas Paton, Managing Director at OnBuy

  • Adam
    1 year ago

    I know this is still small, but every product I clicked on only had one seller, so not really comparing all sellers of that product for me?

  • 1 year ago

    An already over inflated internet with another player it’s going to be pieces of cake getting smaller and smaller.
    Soon with all the monthly fees for all the various marketplaces it really won’t be worthwhile for smaller traders I’m afraid.
    Sorry to sound negative but
    Onbay ebay eBid etc etc etc

  • Mark
    1 year ago

    Great at last a competitior for eBay to hopefully make them think before keep hiking up prices. On buy are based in the UK and therefore pay UK taxes unlike the Amazons and eBays of this world. So a great alternative which hopefully will flourish.

  • northumbrian
    1 year ago

    spent to much on the advertising cant afford a suit and tie , the MDs head stuck in front of the “B ” is poor product placement

  • 1 year ago

    We are selling on onbuy, and sales to start with were slow but we are now getting sales through, any complaints we have had with OnBuy have been delt quickly and more friendly than Amazon or EBay.
    We are a small business but where delt very well with.
    I for one am looking forward to the future, we know sales won’t be as high as on eBay or Amazon to start with.
    Far to much scorn is thrown at people trying.

  • northumbrian
    1 year ago

    sorry shaun
    if a business is charging money blowing their trumpet and promising ,they must expect scrutiny and criticism ,
    simple having a try is not a good enough reason to expect charity

  • Stuart
    1 year ago

    Six months in and they have 200,000 products listed. Am I alone in thinking this isn’t terribly successful? If we signed up we’d be looking to list over a million products – and that must be true of some of those already with them. So why have they got so few?

  • Peanut
    1 year ago

    Had a quick look on OnBuy for Star Wars DVD’s and most are cheaper on Amazon, Zavvi etc. They have 375 books listed yet World Of Books has over 750,000 listings on Amazon. OnBuy has 40 items listed under action figures yet Amazon has over 80,000 and Ebay over 300,000.

    What is currently available on the site doesn’t appear to be offering much to buyers so they will probably be wasting their money advertising and they are certainly not any competition for Ebay or Amazon.

  • 1 year ago

    Hi All.

    In a bid to eleviate some concern, OnBuy is close to enabling significantly more lines and we have 2.6m in our database so far. We’re only holding off due to migration of server platform currently, as well as some optimisations that we are completing, to ensure that the site works perfectly with 20m products.

    That being said, we are keen on more sellers and if you feel you have great products, get in touch with us, we’d love to work with you, and you can take advantage of early inclusion, less competition and growing traffic.

    Many of the sellers we do have are already receiving sales, so there no reason not to join the British marketplace and give it a shot. We are improving the site weekly and you’ll see massive site improvements over the next 8 weeks. We’ve undertaken a huge recruitment drive, committed money to major integrations and put our money where our mouth is with regard to marketing budget. We really couldn’t do more to prove that we’re serious about making OnBuy a great place to sell.

    We are committed to marketing through to Christmas and building up significant interest in our young brand. It’s key to build confidence in buyers and sellers, and the only way to alleviate the “catch 22” of launching a new marketplace; sellers ask about traffic, but complain we don’t have enough products, so why not get your products listed and we can focus on the traffic a lot easier? We’re ready to push your products.

    We’re currently integrating with Linnworks and Channel Advisor, so if you use either of these platforms get in touch with us and we will get you live ready for integration. Don’t worry, we won’t charge you and fees until integration is ready, if you contact us.

    We have some fantastic news to follow and some great partnerships in the pipeline, that will enable us to attract lots more products and reach many more customers. It’s ‘all guns blazing’ here at and we are committed to pushing out to market hard, at any cost.

    Why not get involved with us now and see what we can do together? Contact us through our and open up direct communication with us. We’re looking for selling partners.

    OnBuy Seller Team

  • Ifellow.
    1 year ago

    Please integrate with onestoporders most smaller sellers left linnworks after they raised prices by 150 per cent.

    • 1 year ago

      Hi Ifellow

      Thank you for the recommendation, however, OnBuy has already completed a basic order export CSV for – but are happy to look at further support, if requested by a live seller.

      Thank you

      OnBuy Seller Team

  • Is there a way to integrate existing live eBay inventory? I am a small seller but not that small that I would want to have to create a new listing for every item I sell. I don’t use Linnworks etc..

    • 1 year ago

      Yes, this would be the best solution.
      An eBay import, a shopify import or amazon import.
      Not a CSV import via a sales person. As this method must be costly to Onbuy.

      Need to get the listings in quickly. This would also result in many more listings for onbuy

  • Garry
    1 year ago

    Great just went to their site and undergoing maintenance ,good start.