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By Dan Wilson May 15, 2017 - 10:50 pm

It was good to sit down with Andrew over a beer at the Tamebay meet-up tonight in Manchester ahead of ChannelAdvisor Catalyst on Tuesday. He’s a seller who sends out all sorts of personalised items such as ink stamps, dog tags, and goods that can have a buyer’s personal message engraved up on them.

He read with interest Chris’s post about the pony system eBay has in place regarding images.

He sells on eBay and Amazon too and says that on Amazon he really sees better sales. And he was keen to point out that do it rather better when it comes to garnering the details and images that sellers need to construct those sought after personalised goods. He’s not wrong. See included the image below for a personalised mug. (And that’s just an example of what’s on offer rather than an exhaustive look at all the various input options.) Compare and contrast how they deal with it over on eBay.

Now, all is not peachy with Amazon compared to eBay. The various personalisation opportunities on Amazon are currently only on .com rather than Amazon UK. But they show a level of seller focus eBay can only dream of right now. Say, for instance, you’re selling a personalised dog tag. The seller can set the character count set for three rows of text that the buyer can then fill in.

It doesn’t seem like rocket science. Andrew would like to see these Amazon personalisation options cross the pond ASAP and expects a boost in sales when they do. eBay, on the other hand, really needs to pull its finger out and come up with something similar.

  • Ted
    8 months ago

    This would be a DREAM for Amazon UK sellers. Selling things on Amazon Handmade is great, but the .com customisation tool is amazing. Hoping for a swift UK launch

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