eBay UK Spring 2017 Seller Release: Seller Hub & Turbolister retirement

By Chris Dawson May 9, 2017 - 1:32 pm

eBay are planning to migrate all business sellers to Seller Hub, starting this autumn. This means the end of Turbolister, Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro.

Recently added to the Seller Hub growth section are:
Insights on how to make your listings more likely to sell
Data on the products you should be sourcing.
Price suggestions for products which include product identifiers.

eBay plan to add new features over the coming months to the point that it will fully replace all the eBay tools which are being retired.

Our advice is to jump the gun, start using Seller Hub now and, if needed, consider using external tools to replace any Turbolister, Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro functionality that you need. Bear in mind that using tools may have given you free features (e.g. Turbolister gives free eBay templates, Selling Manager Pro gives free scheduling). Make sure you don’t suddenly start paying for features you’ve previously had for free.

Turbolister won’t die in June

Previously eBay announced that Turbolister would die in June and they have confirmed that they will stop technical support for Turbo Lister, including feature updates and bug fixes next month. However if you already have Turbolister installed you’ll be able to use it for a few months yet.

We believe Turbolister will stop working at some point this year, so if you don’t feel Seller Hub is suitable for you then it’s time to find an external tool. You do not want to be in the fourth quarter of the year and find that Turbolister ceases to exist just before Black Friday, so get prepared now. eBay will give advanced warning before they shut Turbo Lister down permanently but that might not be convenient so decide what to do today.

  • Mike
    3 years ago

    I really don’t understand why eBay as determined to make it as difficult as possible to create bulk listings. They could make good money out of keeping Turbo-Lister by making it more user-friendly… it seems an obvious thing to do.

    The Seller Hub is never going to replace TL as an option as it won’t store templates forever – and I have over 3,000 currently.

    Anyway, I’ve worked-out a way of continuing to use TL forever by linking it to their file exchange server, so although it’s more hassle, I can continue running my business without having to work 20 hour days… having said that I have now migrated part of my selling operation to another website as I’m not sure how much more eBay idiocy I can take…

    • Javed
      3 years ago


      I’m interested! When you say link TL to the file exchange server, what do you mean, how can that be done? help please 🙂

  • Vishal
    3 years ago


    We have about 200 listings on ebay for items required full description. Any program on ebay or any software where we can take back up of all listings and save so we don’t loose data if any thing goes wrong with listings?

  • 3 years ago

    Hi Vishal, check out the Download Listings Tool at which can do what you’re looking for.

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