eBay Italy start using Post Codes for more accurate delivery estimates

By Chris Dawson May 30, 2017 - 12:02 pm

eBay Italy have announced that from now on they will more accurately predict deliveries based on location specified by the seller and the post code of the delivery address specified on the payment confirmation.

The change is being made, say eBay Italy, to improve estimated dates of deliveries. eBay will display the address with post code along with the estimated delivery date on the item page.

We already have this in the UK of course – eBay change delivery date estimations dependent on cut off times and seller specified postage tables. What’s notable about the Italian announcement is the poor reputation of the Italian Postal service getting anything shipped from overseas delivered in a reasonable time scale. Royal Mail always seem to do a pretty good job of handing parcels over to the Italians, but then they often disappear into a black hole, even if tracking was paid for.

Best advice if you’re shipping to Italy is either to use a courier who in the whole seem to be pretty reliable, or simply to use eBay GSP and make the problem eBay’s rather than yours.

  • Ian
    4 years ago

    Italy’s postal system is a complete joke. Either they are completely disorganised and unable to handle any kind of deliveries, or the system is so corrupt and theft is rife. Rather than post anything to Italy, just save yourself the money and throw your package in the bin, it’s the same effect. I think (when we were naive enough to attempt to post packages to Italy) the going rate for a successful delivery to Italy was about 50%, if we were lucky.

  • Simon E
    4 years ago

    Well TOUCH WOOD (Several times)
    Since using DHL Global Mail, which are sent to Germany with a Deutsche Post tracking label, we have had VERY few losses.
    All the mail is trackable via Poste Italiane once it arrives in Italy and the majority arrive without issue.
    We use them for all international mail except Aus and NZ

    I find the biggest pain Australia and NZ with RM Tracked.
    You get tracking UP to the leaving the UK and then nothing.
    If you are lucky then you get a delivery confirmation but otherwise nothing although they must get through otherwise there would be loads more claims!

    • Kieran
      4 years ago

      Can i ask why you do not use DHL global mail for Australia?

      We use DHL global mail after the large price hikes for French mail via Royal Mail.

      Global mail is much easier than Royal Mail as no sorting or weighing at all.

      Not used their tracked service, most of our items are in the £5 region so tracked is too expensive for us, better to take the risk on certain countries and not send to others.

    • Simon E
      4 years ago

      Hi Kieran,
      DHL Global mail seemed to be taking an AGE to get the items to Aus and NZ.
      Sometimes it would be 2-3 weeks while they processed in Germany.
      So I changed so that we sent those two via RM and they are much quicker although double the price. Whether RM or DHL Global Mail once it reaches Aus-NZ, it’s still into the black hole and guessing whether delivery has occurred.

  • Kieran
    4 years ago

    Italy is unfortunately like playing the lottery as i believe this article and Ian implies.

    Cannot see post codes making much difference, will not be posting to Italy regardless, complete waste of time, i would rather not have an inbox full of Italian customer emails, some of which seem to be ignorant to the state of their own postal service and completely unforgiving/impatient.

    I get that we are responsible for the product and delivery even if we cannot control it, so it is easier to just not sent to Italy which is a shame because we know our products have demand in Italy.

    Couriers are just too expensive for the items we sell, plus we cannot afford all of the failed courier deliveries which bounce back as undelivered costing us a fortune in shipping for outbound, some carriers also charge a return fee for delivering it back to us.

    For us brits the situation with some European postal services such as Italy and Spain does leave us at some what of a disadvantage as The Italians and Spanish can import into Britain with relative ease and reliability but for us exporting to Spain and Italy, mostly it is a complete waste of time and leaves us with cross boarder trade imbalances.

    • Simon E
      4 years ago

      This is very strange to me.
      We send around 2-3 Large letters to Italy every day and DHL Global MAil charge us around £3.60 for tracked 20 grams.

      Seems weird that as they have a Deutsche Post Tracking on them that Poste Italiane would treat them any differently.

      We use to use a service that used “Proper Couriers” but that was a nightmare as they could never find the correct addresses and as you we got charged for returns.

      When we rarely get a Non Reclaime, usually from Germany, it comes through, no charge via Royal MAil.

  • 4 years ago

    Hi Simon. Could you advise how did you get that price from dhl? 3.6 is a bargain. We have many small items being sent to italy and got lost. Can you point me to right direction. Do you have account with dhl? Lookig into their prices on website theres nothing cheaper than £20

    • Simon E
      4 years ago

      Hi Kamil,
      we have an account with DHL but use their Global Mail system.
      You can have untracked which is cheap as chips but we use their tracked service.
      They send us a roll of labels.
      We pack as we normally do, LL.
      Put a Deutsche Post tracking label on.
      Then we put ALL packets in a large supplied FREE mailing bag.
      Print out a collection form with barcode.
      You click on the webform “Collect” and times you want them round, or that’s the way we use it.
      They collect and sort the rest and invoice every so often.
      It flies to Germany within two-three days and then goes on to whatever country it’s intended for.

      0844 248 0844
      The telephone number above , I think, is a general one but you have to ask about DHL Global Mail. It is weird that some of them have never heard of it and some know but it does take so digging. Eventually you will get some account manager and they get the online system setup for you.

      We don’t do huge quantities at around 10 a day, but they seem happy to collect FREE so it works for us.

      Originally it was a cold call from DHL and I was looking for the hook or scam, like a monthly minimum or minimum charge but nothing so far.
      Good Luck

    • Kieran
      4 years ago

      DHL global mail and DHL express are completely different products.

      DHL global mail with tracking is the equivalent of Royal Mail international tracked, it goes with regular post with a tracking number, it can take a couple of weeks to arrive like normal airmail and travels partly with DHL and partly with international mail companies. It is still about half the cost of Royal Mail.

      DHL express is much more expensive as it usually arrives in 2-3 days via the DHL network.

  • 4 years ago


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