Doddle, PayPal Lending, Royal Mail strikes and upcoming events [video]

By Dan Wilson May 10, 2017 - 10:58 am

It’s a rare top billing where Chris and I report the big news stories of the week together and in this video we look at the recent news including Doddle, Royal MailPayPal, Linnworks and ChannelAdvisor.

(Be aware that we made this video before the eBay seller release. That one’s coming. We’re not ignoring those key stories.)

To find more video content from Tamebay you can visit our channel here. (And if this video isn’t showing in your browser, you can view it on YouTube here.)

Here are the stories we examined:

Doddle to cut their losses, close stores, and refocus on kiosk partnerships

Royal Mail tweaked pension proposal prompts violent response from CWU

PayPal have now loaned $3 billion to small businesses

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  • Eggyplops
    12 months ago

    This is cool and fun and nice.

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