Bitcoin hits all time high – up 200% in one year

By Chris Dawson May 3, 2017 - 12:42 pm

The value of the Bitcoin has surged to record highs, currently valued at around $1,458. This is the highest it’s traded at and it’s tripled in value since this time last year.

There’s something to be said for speculators to invest in Bitcoins rather than traditional stocks and shares – largely a market which has remained untapped, but I still don’t see Bitcoins widely used for ecommerce.

PayPal have toyed with accepting Bitcoin through Braintree and ekmPowershop struck up a relationship with Chainpay to enable their merchants to accept Bitcoin payments. Retailers will never see a Bitcoin however as both arrangements rely on a Bitcoin exchange so that you receive more traditional funds.

Do you think Bitcoin will ever become a payment method worth considering, or eight years after the virtual currency was introduced, is it still unregulated to be of practical use? If you do accept Bitcoin we’d love to hear of your experiences.

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