Apple watch loses eBay, Amazon, Google Maps (and Target) apps

By Chris Dawson May 2, 2017 - 9:33 pm

If you’re an Apple Watch owner, you may have noticed a number of apps disappearing. Or likely as not you didn’t notice as they’re apps that you never used – by all accounts, fitness apps do really well but others aren’t frequently used.

AppleInsider broke the news noting that whilst shopping on Amazon on your watch is a big naff, the eBay Apple Watch app was handy for bid alerts on auctions.

The thing is, if you wear an Apple Watch it was never much use if you didn’t also have an iPhone in your pocket. Even if you disregard the abysmal performance of the Apple Watch battery (Big “Hoorah” for Apple Watch owners, fewer apps equals longer battery life and now you might get to the middle of the afternoon before it dies), trying to do certain functions on your watch instead of on your smartphone simply doesn’t makes sense – the screen is just too small.

Google have indicated that Maps may one day come back to the Apple Watch. It’s fair to say it’s likely that eBay, Amazon and Target are unlikely to return.

If you have an Apple Watch do you use it for anything other than notifications (oh and telling the time)? Or will you miss apps that start to disappear?

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