Amazon Prime launches more content perks for subscribers

By Dan Wilson May 18, 2017 - 9:04 pm

Jeff Bezos is on the record as saying that he wants not having an Amazon Prime membership to be an “irresponsible” choice. That’s why the company is often upping the offering and the latest enhancement in the UK is Amazon Reading.

The new features mean that Prime subscribers will have access to a rotating library of 1000 ebooks, magazines and comics. There are already some Kindle book perks included in the deal.

Alessio Santarelli of Amazon EU: “Amazon Prime just got even better with the addition of Prime Reading, giving customers unlimited access to over a thousand books, including bestsellers like Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, magazines, and comics for no additional cost. Prime members will love the range of books now available to them on any device, with everything from psychological thrillers, to business books, the latest travel guides and bestselling fiction.”

Amazon Reading is the latest feature for £79-a-year Prime subscribers others include Prime Video, Prime Music and Prime Live Events. There’s no doubt, for many households who use Amazon a lot, that it does represent the no-brainer that Bezos wants but it’s not clear to what extent the additional perks are the draw. The cheaper and free swift shipping seems like the main attraction.

  • John
    1 year ago

    The “Free Swift Shopping” is no longer the service it used to be when Prime was started with Next Day Delivery, now it’s pot luck if you get a delivery from UK, Germany or Poland with up to 3-5 days delivery. As for Amazon Logistics, forget it.

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