Will you sell on Amazon Australia?

By Chris Dawson April 24, 2017 - 11:15 am

Following the news that Amazon is looking for a warehouse to run their retail operations, we hear that Amazon are actively recruiting Aussie businesses to sell on the marketplace.

Local Australian businesses have started receiving invitation to be among the first to sell on Amazon when they launch, confirming Amazon’s normal model of being both a 1st party retailer and a marketplace for 3rd party sellers. 50% of all items globally sold on Amazon aren’t sold by the company itself, but by the retailers selling on the platform. It’s no real surprise that Amazon will onboard sellers as rapidly as possible.

But, not all retailers are based in Australia and the continent, being English speaking with many common customs to the UK, has long been attractive to British retailers. Of course shipping is relatively slow compared to selling to the EU, but perversely selling on Amazon Australia with FBA could help boost your eBay and website sales in the country.

If you have products in FBA in Australia, there’s no reason why you couldn’t fulfil off-Amazon orders for your eBay and website sales, in the process being able to offer express services just not possible from the UK.

Will you consider signing up to sell on Amazon Australia? Is there any reason why you wouldn’t?

If you do want to sell on Amazon Australia, you can sign up here. (Disclaimer, the form may be intended for Australian businesses only, but nothing ventured nothing gained).

  • Lee Pearce
    4 years ago

    Definitely something to look at, however, with all FBA in other countries outside the home marketplace, TAX, or the registering of it to be more precise, will be the barrier.

  • Alan
    4 years ago

    No – shipping times/cost and hassle, mainly.

  • Dom
    4 years ago

    No, Australian customs are a pain for stopping items on entry

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