Prepare for Easter – Unanswered Messages and Late Shipments could harm your metrics

With the unseasonally hot weather this weekend and the Easter holidays kicking in with a double bank holiday weekend looming, many businesses could be forgiven for wanting a break. We still need money though and even though the couriers won’t collect for four days, the sales should still be rolling in.

When you shut up the warehouse for Easter (if you are taking a few days off), don’t forget that buyers are as impatient as ever and will still expect replies to messages. Worse still, Amazon don’t expect you to take time off and insist that all queries from customers are dealt with the same day.

We’ve also regularly experienced sellers on EU Amazon sites discovering that Amazon’s overseas sites don’t recognise UK bank holidays and will doubtless ding your seller metrics if you don’t despatch on (what they consider) to be ontime.

Whilst it would be naughty of me to suggest that you simply mark items as despatched and then ship them on after the bank holidays, it’s definitely worth replying to all messages with a quick “It’s Easter in the UK and we will reply again on Tuesday”.

How will you handle Easter this year? Will you be working or are you looking forward to a few days well deserved rest?

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On Amazon you also have the choice to mark the message as "No Response Required". I sometimes choose this option using my phone as it is not always easy to reply with information if you are out, you can then reply when you are back in the office. Or, as you say, send a quick reply saying you will update them as soon as you can

tyler • 11th April 2017 •