Linnworks integrates with Amazon Business

By Dan Wilson April 13, 2017 - 12:39 am

One of Amazon most recent offerings to sellers is the launch of Amazon Business. It’s previously been available to users in the US and Germany and now it’s available in the UK. It’s a service honed to business and institutional shoppers who want to enjoy the convenience of Amazon. As an existing Amazon seller, you’re eligible to sell on it. Or indeed buy too.

And multichannel provider Linnworks is already up and running to help you get the most from Amazon business according to their blog. They also point out some of the benefits: greater visibility, pricing excluding VAT, invoicing facilities and useful analytics tools.

Amazon says of the Business service: “As an Amazon Business seller you get access to all existing Amazon customers and the additional opportunity to grow your sales by reaching new business customers of all types and sizes – from small businesses to large global corporations, as well as institutional buyers like universities, hospitals, government agencies and non-profits.”

This video explains the basis of Amazon Business:

Amazon Business looks like a great opportunity for Amazon sellers. Will you be taking advantage?

  • 4 years ago

    How Amazon business applicable for Amazon seller ? What is procedure ?

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