How to sell on the new Flubit marketplace

By Chris Dawson April 5, 2017 - 6:46 pm is the marketplace of SKU Cloud the newest UK marketplace which launched today.

With one simple integration, an online sellers entire product catalogue is available and selling on SKU Cloud’s multiple digital destinations, including;, Mighty Deals, On The Dot and Mirror Tech and Games.

SKU Cloud is quick to setup and will immediately start generating additional sales for your business. With over 1,500 trusted and verified online sellers already selling through SKU Cloud, sellers can integrate via SKU Cloud’s own API, or use any number of supported software solutions, including a simple file or feed, Linnworks, Channel Advisor, Storefeeder, Seller Dynamics and more.

Selling on SKU Cloud is free; there are absolutely no costs or fixed fees. Merchants simply provide their lowest prices and SKU Clouds algorithm sets the price the customer pays (adding on Flubit’s commission) making the platform an essential part of any online sellers retail strategy. You will need to make one small change to the pricing of goods you send to Flubit – instead of sending a price taking into account of the marketplace commission, use the price net of fees.

As an example, if you’d normally sell a product for £100.00 on a marketplace which charges 15% commission, then you would net £85.00. In this case list the product on Skucloud for £85.00 and this is what you will be paid regardless of the sale price.

For more information on selling with SKU Cloud visit: If you’d like to make a purchase on the newly launched marketplace, visit:

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