Audio download tips: sell more on Amazon marketplaces

By Dan Wilson April 20, 2017 - 5:46 pm

It’s not often we’ll provide you, our faithful Tamebay readers, with a podcast. But this one is available for free and we like to hear from the horse’s mouth. Login in to hear from someone very senior at @Amazon talking about their plans on what they want from Amazon merchants. And how you can develop your business operations operations is addressed too.

In this audio you can hear from Vice President of the Amazon Marketplace, Peter Faricy. Apparently he’s the most senior executive at Amazon directly involved with the marketplace and has run the business since 2009. Download it here from iTunes. The comments from Faricy come from the talk he gave recently at the Shoptalk Conference in Las Vegas.

As he says in the podcast: “I think every day about how can I help these small/medium businesses be successful all over the world. We think about what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and how we can help them be successful.”

In the audio you’ll hear some useful insights about how Amazon views FBA, the importance of Amazon Lending, the increasing popularity of Amazon Fresh, protecting your brand and getting the most from Amazon. He also emphasises the consumer importance attached to speed of delivery. And yes, he’s saying it pays to deliver quickly.

So grab a biscuit and pull up your coffee cup for a little enlightening listening.

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