Amazon Pay launches in France, Italy and Spain

By Chris Dawson April 18, 2017 - 7:43 pm

Amazon have launched Amazon Pay in France, Italy and Spain, enabling consumers to pay using their Amazon account details and merchants to reduce friction at checkout.

You may think that as you already accept PayPal and Credit Cards on your website, why would you want Amazon Pay? There are some customer who don’t have a PayPal account and, if they’ve not got their credit card with them, offering Amazon Pay gives another simple email and password option to complete a purchase. It’s the work of minutes to add Amazon Pay to your website and if customer choose not to use it there’s nothing lost, but over 33 million customers worldwide have already used Amazon Pay to make a purchase on a third-party merchant site so you should at least consider it as an option.

As customers make more and more purchases online on the mobile and via connected devices, their expectations in terms of speed, convenience and payment security are increasing. By enabling customers to settle goods and services using only their Amazon account information, Amazon Pay simplifies the transaction while allowing other third-party merchants to access our millions of customers around the world.”
– Giulio Montemagno, General Manager Amazon Pay EU.”

Amazon Pay Fast Facts

  • The volume of payments made via Amazon Pay almost doubled in 2016.
  • Customers from more than 170 countries have made a purchase using Amazon Pay in 2016.
  • 32% of transactions using Amazon Pay were made from a mobile device.
  • The Amazon Payment Global Partner program was launched in 2016 with the aim of supporting the growth of e-commerce platform providers, with 50 service providers in the first 8 months.
  • The number of active merchants increased by more than 120% year on year

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