3 New free must-have mobile apps for your warehouse

By Chris Dawson April 19, 2017 - 12:33 pm

Following the launch of their free Goods In Scanner Android App, the guys at Peoplevox have released another three apps to help run your warehouse.

Created by Peoplevox Labs, the R&D arm of Peoplevox, the easy to use apps feature in-built barcode scanning and can be downloaded for use immediately. With no requirement for complicated configuration or data setup, the apps speed up important warehouse management processes by reducing paper trails and boost accuracy and productivity. And they’re free!

“Hot on the heels of our Unpack Delivery app for recording receipt of items we are pleased to release three more free-of-charge mobile warehouse apps. These are all part of Peoplevox’s ongoing commitment to giving e-commerce retailers easy access to the tools they need for achieving fulfilment excellence.”
– Jonathan Bellwood, CEO and Founder of Peoplevox

Receive Delivery App

The Receive Delivery app is designed to help warehouse personnel get the goods into the warehouse in their boxes and pallets, label the boxes and pallets with details of the delivery and notify the Buyer that the delivery has arrived so they have no need to chase it. As staff open the boxes and pallets and start to process each item ready to put it away, they could then use Peoplevox’s recently launched free Unpack Delivery app (originally released under the name Goods In Scanner).

Pick Items App

This simple app is designed to help the recording of items picked for each order and for sharing the pick information with colleagues via email. By creating an electronic record of what was picked from where, instead of relying on handwritten notes, the app boosts picker productivity and accuracy.

Record Returns App

Returns cause lost productivity and impact on sales opportunities, not to mention customer loyalty. For these reasons retailers can now streamline the handling of returns using Peoplevox’s Record Returns app. It helps record returns more quickly and facilitates sharing of returns information with colleagues, ensuring items are put back into stock for sale as quickly as possible and logging the reasons for the return for future reference.

Download the free apps today

If you are looking for some quick wins to streamline your warehouse operations, download the free Peoplevox Android warehouse apps from

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