Volo embraces Amazon Web Services

By Dan Wilson March 23, 2017 - 1:53 pm

Multichannel software provider Volo Commerce is embracing the cloud with an eye on enhancing customer automation and productivity by connecting its platform with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Amazon API Management platform provides a high-performance, scalable and secure architecture that enables efficient communication between customers’ software systems and web services. With the API Gateway, Volo expects improvements in its security, reliability and resilience.

Paul McCorquodaleof Volo says: “As the ecommerce industry is moving at the speed of sound, it has become critical to our customers’ success that they exploit the wider ecosystem of complementary and partner services to further boost productivity and automation. AWS and the API Gateway enable us to open up our technology with confidence to approved partners and create agile, innovative services.

The AWS platform delivers increased API performance throughout the retail calendar, especially during peak periods like Black Friday or Christmas which enable our customers to develop their businesses faster.”
Amazon Web Services’s highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure currently powers hundreds of thousands of businesses in over 190 countries. The API Gateway is a fully managed service for creating, publishing, maintaining, monitoring and securing a large number of APIs, through AWS. APIs enable the Volo platform to send and receive information to/from other applications and systems.”

  • Michael Souris
    11 months ago

    Wow they weren’t using the API? It’s been around for years. I’m a little shocked that a supposedly progressive software provider is this late to the party

    • Ben Orme
      11 months ago

      Hi Michael,

      I am the Product Manager here at Volo Commerce and I wanted to give you a bit more detail on the announcement, hopefully this will put your mind at ease.

      Volo has been using Amazon Web services internally since their inception, providing APIs for our services since 2011, and consuming APIs from our partners such as Amazon and eBay since the very beginnings of the company.

      However, this announcement relates to us taking our provision of APIs to a new level, placing them front and centre of our technology rather than as an auxiliary mechanism to access our services. By using Amazon’s API Gateway service, we are providing a single, scalable, secure point of access for all of our product’s features. This will enable us to move much faster to expose more functionality, making complex integrations easier for our customers and implementing our vision of truly seamless integration, making it as easy to sell online as it is to buy online.

      Please keep an eye on the Hub and our regular emails for more updates in this area.

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