Sell in France with Cdiscount #RetailWithoutBorders

By Chris Dawson March 28, 2017 - 7:30 am

Cdiscount is a French marketplace in operation since 1998 with special interest for sellers in the home, tech, fashion, toys and car parts categories.

France, being just a short hop across the English Channel, is one of the easiest countries to launch your cross border business. Barring translation into French and accepting that payments will be in Euros (which with today’s exchange rates is relatively attractive) it’s just as easy as selling in the UK.

At Pentagon‘s Retail Without Borders conference in London, I spoke to Simon Miss, International Business Developer at Cdiscount, to find out more about the marketplace. Watch the video below to discover how you can get started selling on Cdiscount in France.

Cdiscount are actively recruiting UK retailers so, if you’re ready to get started, visit to sign up and start selling in France.

  • Anthony Kingston
    3 years ago

    Tried setting up with C discount using their fulfilment group. They could not find the stock we sent them and then only managed to get 8 of the 24 SKUS we sent them live. After 100s of emails and hours of frustration we finally asked them to return the stock this took an unbelieveable 5 months including charging us in advance to buy a new pallet as they had lost ours. I suspect our experience was unusually bad but I would say if you are used to selling with Amazon and using FBA do not expect the same level of organisation or English language compatibility.

  • John
    3 years ago

    We have been with cdiscount for a month and I find there support dismal. It has been 3 weeks to-date to change an image on of of our product but they still can not act on it. despite 6 back and forth emails. Amazon would have responded and acted on this between 4-24 hours at the most.
    Yes I will repeat “do not expect the same level of organisation or English language compatibility”.
    I was told by my cdiscount contanct that they will hand hold for 6 months and actuallly have an dedicated person who will work with us to get our listings ported from English to French.
    They put 9 listings from Amazon to there site a month ago but thats it. No more help and now they are ducking when I ask about help with translations.

  • Jack Woods
    3 years ago

    We have found that working with CDiscount has thoroughly helped to grow our business. Their knowledgeable and friendly team have always been more than helpful. We had an altercation with a high ranking member of staff at the beginning of 2016 that left a sour taste in our mouths, but since November when we began to use Fulfilled by CDiscount, things have started to look great.

    Our account managers do everything that they can to help us out. When items have gone missing, Simon has gone out of his way to find them and resolve this issue as quick as possible. He is the best account manager that we have across every sales platform that we use.

    I strongly recommend using FBC to help grow your business because it has definitely grown ours.

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Cdiscount is the 1st French and European marketplace


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