Royal Mail’s new 2017 Tariffs effective Monday 27th March

By Chris Dawson March 26, 2017 - 4:23 pm

If you’ve not yet edited your marketplace and website listings to take account of the new Royal Mail prices, you could be losing significant amounts of money from today. Royal Mail’s new price structures come into effect from Monday the 27th March so if you’re not going to absorb the increases then you’ll need to edit your postage tables.

Prices for basic stamps have only gone up a penny, but there are plenty of other price changes to take into account both for domestic and International post.

For business account users, there is a new unsorted Account Mail option (code UNG for 1st Class and UNH for 2nd Class) if you add a bar code to your labels. This will save you a penny per label over the older BPL code.

If you are a business account customer, check out our post outlining the new prices here. You should also download the full 2017 business tariff valid from the 27th March from the Royal Mail website

If you use Royal Mail consumers prices you can read more here. You should also download the full 2017 consumer tariff also valid from the 27th March from the Royal Mail website.

  • SAM
    2 years ago

    Well I got a nice surprise, I thought they were going to hike my business overseas post (which is essential) as the UK market is in the toilet.

    They did not, RMG don’t half send out confusing information. They send me 2 batch’s of the same paperwork all with the wrong information.

  • vipin
    2 years ago

    worst mail service i have ever seen

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