Rio couple buy Nottingham’s favourite Coffee Shop on eBay

By Chris Dawson March 27, 2017 - 10:35 am

eBay have always said that you can sell practically anything and everything on their marketplace and a Nottingham couple have just proved this by selling their Nottingham Coffee shop to a couple from Rio de Janeiro. The new owners are relocating some 6,000 miles to run their new business.

The current owners have built the business up since 2012, but want to spend more time with their young son. The eBay listing explains “Currently we are open 5 days a week, from 11am til 5pm Tuesday to Saturday, closed on Sunday and Monday. We used to be open 7 days a week but as we have a young child it became impossible to open all week and maintain the family lifestyle that we want. We used to open at 8am so currently we are miss the morning trade, but that is the choice we have made, the next owners would do well to re-open earlier“.

“We came runner up in the Nottingham Independent Business of the Year award, and we were the top coffee shop, effectively meaning we were voted Nottingham’s favourite coffee shop.”

The new owners, Anna Natalio and her husband Alder Santos, will move to Nottingham, Anna previously spent time in the city learning English and both describe Nottingham as a friendly city. The only changes they plan to make are longer opening hours and opening more days each week.

Most businesses look at eBay as a place to sell their goods and services, but if you’re looking for an exit plan to sell your business consider listing it on the site. Alternatively if you’re are looking to buy, there are currently 7,836 businesses for sale on eBay, 485 of which are retail businesses. Six of the current retail businesses for sale are Coffee Shops.

  • 2 years ago

    Hi all,

    We are also selling on ebay please have to our products


  • 2 years ago

    Should I laugh or should I cry. If I really had a successful business I would not do anything the sellers did. The buyers have fallen for a gorgeous trap of buying an unprofitable business with very little trade outside of the current opening times.
    If indeed the sellers have made so much money in a few years running a small coffee shop then well done.
    I fear tears before bed time however.

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