Parcel2Go new worldwide sub £10 shipping services

By Chris Dawson March 13, 2017 - 4:24 pm

Parcel2Go have introduced new services to a range of destinations around the world.

In keeping with their determination to offer the UK’s best delivery prices both around the country and beyond its borders, Parcel2Go are making available a range of services as far abroad as Australia, New Zealand or the USA, all for less than £10.

A new partnership

Parcel2Go managed to secure competitive international pricing by partnering with UK based Landmark. Landmark process items being sent from the UK at a delivery hub in London, where they’re sorted and shipped to the required destination.

The new Landmark services are designed to be carried out between multiple couriers. The cost-saving of this process is then reinvested into the prices provided to customers, ensuring they benefit most from the savings made.

Our team have worked hard to secure such a competitive international rate to lanes that are currently in high demand, and it’s really paid off. Everything we do is tailored towards our customer and offering the best rates is really central to that. It’s important to us that when someone visits our website, they know they’re not going to find better prices anywhere else, no matter what or where they’re sending.
– Adam Harris, Managing Director of

Another benefit of the Landmark services is that it gives UK customers access to national postal services they wouldn’t otherwise have access to, including New Zealand Post, Canada Post, and the United States Postal Service. These nationalised postal services are trusted by residents of each country in question, making them a big selling point for many senders shipping abroad.

If you’d like to get a quote, the new Landmark services are already available to book on the Parcel2Go website.

  • Rob
    3 years ago

    Good prices but much prefer to use eBay global shipping for all international orders as if any problems or the buyer wants to return the item then they are on the hook for the cost of the additional postage.

  • Martin
    3 years ago

    This is an interesting comment :

    “Everything we do is tailored towards our customer and offering the best rates is really central to that. ”

    Customer service is poor because you can’t call them and e-mail response isn’t quick enough for immediate problems
    You can’t change your e-mail address on your account. You have to open a new account
    The address fields are not long enough for many international destinations. Parcel2Go told me this was dictated to them by the carriers, but strangely their competitors don’t have this problem with exactly the same carriers.
    They don’t offer the best rates, either domestically or internationally, for identical services.

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