New minimum £10 item value for eBay Click & Collect Programme

eBay have changed the criteria for items to be eligible for their eBay Click & Collect at Argos program. In the future items will have to have a minimum value of £10 if they are to be listed with collection at Argos available.

Firstly it has to be said that this is an enormously popular program with buyers. It’s practically zero effort for sellers so millions of products have been shipped to Argos stores up and down the country. This new minimum value will rule millions of products out of the program, although I’m optimistically hoping that many sub £10 products will be jiffy bag type items and fit through letter boxes.

Where the minimum £10 limit really fails however is for Auction items. We all know that for highly desirable items a minimum start price of 99p makes sense. An item could start at 99p and sell for hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds. Forcing sellers to set a start price of a tenner or more simply doesn’t make sense.

Sure there are auctions that only ever attract a single bid and BIN generally makes more sense, but auctions do have different visibility in search which is why some sellers still use them although in this case generally pretty much at the price they wish them to sell for. It’s the auctions which are almost guaranteed to attract large numbers of bids which are best suited to the 99p start price and these listings will now be excluded from Click and Collect.

The one bright spot is that from next month eBay will be giving eBay shop subscribers an allowance of free auction style listings, so starting your auction at 99p instead of £10 or more won’t make any difference financially. It might make a difference to how many bids you get through.

eBay has provided some extra insights

  1. This change only applies to BIN listings ( both new and existing ) as currently Click & Collect program does not support auctions in any case.
  2. eBay are building a solution that will allow them to scale Click & Collect to auctions and Best offers later this year and at that stage they will share more details around how the eligibility criteria would apply to auction listings .
  3. The less than 10 GBP eligibility is for item price only and does not include P&P.
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Is this new listings or are existing listings going to have the option removed?

Rich • 12th March 2017 •

eBay merely said "The updated Terms and Conditions will apply to existing enrolled sellers after 30 days of this announcement and will apply to new sellers participating in the programme immediately." and "As from the applicable effective date, all listings must have a starting price of at least 10 GBP to be eligible for Click & Collect at Argos." They didn't say what would happen to listings valued under £10 currently offering Click & Collect.

Chris Dawson • 12th March 2017 •

Great move...hopefully this will demote those idiot pile it high destroy product line knoxx .

Derek duval • 12th March 2017 •

Anything on promos Chris? for example we run lots of buy 3 save £5 type promotions. Product 1 £14.99 Products 2&3 £8.09 each.

Whirly • 13th March 2017 •

£10 is the listing requirement. Promos shouldn't be affected so long as the headline single item price is £10.

Chris Dawson • 13th March 2017 •

I suspect the pressure for this came from Argos. The manager at our local branch reckons Ebay items create longer queues and probably don't bring that much in the way of extra sales to Argos. Faced with taking on extra staff or reducing the number of items, it seems logical Argos would go for the latter. Personally, we've never gone for click and collect, simply because we do not want the involvement of third parties in our business, especially if we carry the can if things go wrong. Also, we've never had a single customer ask for it!

Andy R • 13th March 2017 •

Is £10 the item price or total including P&P?

dom • 13th March 2017 •

It doesn't say what Ebay will do for current listings. Are they simply going to remove the option? I don't sell much sub £10, but it is still a pain for the customer that they can't do this. I thought on Ebay the customer was king.

Martin • 13th March 2017 •

My first thoughts were "Great! Puts a stop to all those A6 jiffy bags going to Argos" But most of our C&C orders are the main product plus accessories. Always sent in the same parcel with multiple eCP numbers on the label. I guess now we will be expected to send one parcel to Argos and another to the buyers home/work address. The customers are going to love that! Being able to combine multiple C&C orders into a single eCP would be the fix. It's something that should have been implemented right from the start of C&C but, of course, it never will be.

steven • 13th March 2017 •

Customers not being able to collect all their orders from different sellers at one location (Argos / Sainsbury's) will make eBay a less appealing place to shop.

dom • 13th March 2017 •

We do loads of Click and Collect and a lot of it is under £10 value, we do loads of £6-£9 items. Taking it away is a blow, but for us eBay has been in decline anyway and we are concentrating effort away for the time being. My sis in law works in a Sainsburys and they do get a lot of these with people coming in on a Saturday. Backwards step and another regressive move for eBay, Fees hikes and less of a service. Click and collect was one few bright moves made by eBay in the last few years, suppose they had to destroy it in the end.

SAM • 13th March 2017 •

I disagree Sam, i have been doing ebay for over 15 years and the service has improved dramatically over the years - especially over the last year. Every time ebay make a change (which will be well thought out and will include factors that we are not aware of) they get criticised. The fees increase you mentioned has been talked about extensively on another thread and although increased prices are never popular they had stayed the same for years. As for the Argos minimum £10 - well that just makes sense implementing a minimum price.

Alan Paterson • 14th March 2017 •

Yet another eBay Customer Relations reply... Prices haven't stayed the same for years. Ebay now take a slice of postage. Final value percentages have gone up. Shop fees are up. Premium service discount is down! Lets not forget that eBay's rake increases automatically due to inflation. Looks like a very greedy eBay to me. And anyone else that isn't employed to say otherwise.

steven • 14th March 2017 •

With respect Steven, I am a seller like you. you are jumping to conclusions - wrong conclusions. I don’t make accusations of your posts not being authentic. Do I? From my experience i haven’t seen ebay staff EVER post on this site. The services that experienced a price increase were the shop services - which have always been SEPARATE from FVF and therefore WOULD be due an increase periodically. In 50 years time we are going to be paying the same for an ebay shop? By your logic we would be. I don’t think so.........with all the improvements recently - the way the shop looks, the new selling hub etc I think the price is justified. Rather than undermining my posts by stating I work for ebay you should respect other sellers opinion. I am also one of the minority who put my FULL NAME to a post. You should respect that. This is my real name, my true opinion and I do not work for ebay.

Alan Paterson • 15th March 2017 •

mmm... So you want to disagree with Sam but I'm not allowed to disagree with you. Sams statement was accurate as far as I'm concerned. We are paying much more and receiving much less. I'm flabbergasted that you think the only fee increases have been for the shops! Which, by the way, have been well above inflation so is certainly not justified. The reduction of premium discount to a measly flat rate of 10% was a blow to most business sellers. Most, if not all, categories have seen FVF increases. How is that justified? And how do you justify eBay now taking FVF on postage! The "seller hub" is just a load of marketing nonsense of no relevance to most business sellers. And the new default store design is also of little relevance to most business sellers as they use a custom design. Apart from C&C, eBay have done nothing to help my business in the last few years. They've done plenty to hinder it though. Most significant changes over the last 3 or 4 years have been for the sole purpose of taking more money from sellers and dressing it up as a good thing! Yours Sincerely, S. Shaw Esquire

steven • 15th March 2017 •

Thats not what I was saying Steven. You post implied i was / am working for ebay and I was being paid to do this. Sam expressed his opinion - I expressed mine. I don’t agree with Sams opinion but I respect it and i respect that he has an opinion. HOWEVER, your post was just out of order. Completely different issue. I am happy to debate and express opinion but that was not my issue with your post. Please read your post again if you forgot what you wrote. I wont debate a topic where someone has written what you wrote, and accused me of being paid for this and implication I work for ebay. Its not right and is inappropriate. you have missed my point entirely.

Alan Paterson • 15th March 2017 •

Furthermore Steven it is a sad day when it is assumed that I work for ebay or I am being paid to write posts based on the fact that they are positive comments. This is not right and shows the culture of ebay being a “dart board” for some sellers. Many sellers are enjoying growth. ALL of MY clients on ebay are enjoying growth, my own ebay shops are enjoying growth. This is not just the categories that we are selling in - it is the new tools at our disposal created by ebay. Before you delve into the new functionalities of the seller hub - the speed alone of being able to do a listing compared to before is significant. A huge part of ebays profit is being spent on development and initiatives like ebay Concierge which has costs a mammoth amount of money to launch and run. If you can’t get results from the new marketing tools, seller hub, shop designs etc (and grudge ebay an extra £x per month subscription) then I can only think that you do not know how to use them properly (or do not know they are there). TIP - look at the differential in conversation rates between an “in house” ebay shop using their templates and a “custom design” - your assumption above about custom design shops is not based on the up-to-date stats. I will not brag bout my credentials or put numbers to my many successful clients on ebay. Normally i am not so harsh but I was affronted at being accused of working for ebay and getting paid to do these posts. Although i have enjoyed being a seller and consultant for the ebay platform for nearly 15 years I am not, nor have i ever worked for ebay - nor have i ever been directly paid by ebay. I like to look at the doughnut - not the hole. If your business is on a decline - that is the first step (of many) to turning it round. Too many people dwelling on what they perceive to be negatives issues and implementations that they cannot control - rather than applying their energy to building their business. Dont assume that i work for ebay just because i have a positive comment on this particular topic. Sorry to rant a bit - you touched a nerve. I have said what i have to say, i will not log back into this thread - it is not good for my blood pressure lol.

Alan Paterson • 16th March 2017 •

You're talking nonsense. And that's coming from someone with 12,000 annual sales on eBay and 100% feedback. SellerHub is better for novices. It's irrelevant to anyone else. The new default shop design is only better than crap non-responsive custom designs. It is not as good as a well designed mobile optimised costume store. It would appear you make a living off sellers who haven't got the skills to do things for themselves. No wonder you sound like a paid advert for eBay. If it looks like a duck...

steven • 16th March 2017 •

I sell mainly maps that retail for under £10. LOTS of customers used click and collect with argos when buying from me. Its a great loss to the buyer. Maps are often bought last minute and this is a real blow to those buyers that have busy lives. It will not effect me much as all sellers will be in same position.

Jonathan • 13th March 2017 •

And if someone buys several items which are all under £10, but which together total over £10, then what? Not that I'm too bothered really as it will be a level playing field for sellers and buyers will just have to cope, like in the olden days, with going to the local RM sorting office if they're out when the postie calls with something too big for the letterbox. I can imagine it has been an issue for the staff in these stores, in terms of the volume. Some of the volume must be buyers not thinking it through. I'd been keeping a log of argos/homebase/sainsburys ebay collection orders for the last few months and a lot of it is little things that quite obviously will fit through any letterbox and won't be requiring a signature either, yet buyers seemingly think it will be more convenient to go to Argos and pick it up there. I'm sure some of them don't understand that they can have it sent to their house.

Gav • 13th March 2017 •

Are there any details in public as to the financial relationship between eBay and Argos? Setting a minimum value would suggest that Argos gets some percentage of the total sale price.

Mark • 13th March 2017 •

No details that I'm aware of. And it could equally also suggest that eBay pay a fixed price per delivery and that they want £1 processing to break even (10% Final Value Fee of a £10 item). Or it could simply suggest that they think sub £10 items can generally fit through a letterbox (excepting combined orders which are a PITA if one item is Click and Collect and another on the same order isn't) I should point out that this is pure speculation on my part as is your comment. In the good old QI style I'm waving my "Nobody knows" bonus points paddle ;-)

Chris Dawson • 13th March 2017 •

I think they almost certainly didn't anticipate the volume of low value jiffy bag orders being sent C&C. And, like Mark, I also think Argos would be on a percentage.

steven • 13th March 2017 •

So a customer orders 50 widgets from us at £5 each - cant have it delivered to Argos and cancels... Is that an Amazon drone I can hear buzzing in the distance?

Stephen • 14th March 2017 •

Surely the simple answer there is to bundle them together in pairs, 5's, 10's etc????

Rob • 16th March 2017 •

Rob - what about the customer who just wants one? Or the fact that we would end up with several listings for the same item just with different amounts - which would come out of our "free" listings in our store subscription that could be used for other single items... each of which would then be fighting it out for best match etc rather than every sale for widget X in whatever quantity helping to promote the one listing for it. I still believe in keeping things simple - list one item at a fair price and if the customer wants 5, 10 etc they simply change the quantity box. Ecommerce is about capturing as many opportunities as you can and giving the customers convenient choices... this just seems like a big step backwards.

Stephen • 16th March 2017 •

I do bundles on our main listings using multi variation. It works well but the cross-selling promo tool doesn't support MV. A cause of major frustration for me as all my listings are MV and the promo tool I most want to use is cross-selling! It would be nice to think eBay are working on the fix but I'm wise enough to know that will never happen :-( And as Stephen has already said, "what it they only want one?"

steven • 16th March 2017 •

Just seems whatever ebay do you are going to complain at!!!! If they are that bad then how come you are still selling on there? I have been selling on there the last 3 - 4 years and growing each year. Have a few click and collect orders and probably about 5% a month now are through global shipping which works great for me.

Rob • 16th March 2017 •

Who says I'm not growing? But that's despite the changes, not because of them. When paying a company many tens of thousands of pounds per annum for their service, it is not unreasonable to expect them to fix broken functionality such as the cross-selling issue I've just mentioned.

steven • 16th March 2017 •

Surely a £9.99 would be more sensible.

NE • 16th March 2017 •

It surely would but eBay don't do sensible

steven • 16th March 2017 •