eBay 1p Final Value Fee private seller invite only promo

By Chris Dawson March 8, 2017 - 10:11 am

eBay have an invite only promotion running where private sellers will only pay 1p in FVF per listing if they sell.

The promotion allows you to create up to 100 listing on eBay UK in an eligible category using the auction-style or fixed price format. You won’t pay an insertion fee for the 100 listings. Dates may vary depending upon when you receive the promotion, but on the offer we saw was valid for just two days from 08 March 2017 until 09 March.

Importantly, you must actively opt in to the promotion via the RSVP link shown in the email which you will have received if you’ve been invited.

Full details are on the promotion page on eBay.

  • Andy R
    5 years ago

    This is just counter productive.

    Why don’t they do something to encourage more buyers on Ebay?

    There are already too many sellers, often selling the same thing, at commercially suicidal prices. These gimmicks aimed at casual sellers don’t help.

    Keeping the site running (it’s been almost impossible to buy anything after about 5pm each evening due to slowness) should be a priority.

    Buyers can go anywhere, so incentivising them to shop on Ebay would benefit all Ebay sellers and Ebay itself.

    The move towards increased dead fees (shop subs etc) suggests Ebay can’t generate enough from fvf fees alone (actual sales) to keep their share price up.

    • SAM
      5 years ago

      They really are taking advantage of the UK business sellers now. They really could tackle Amazon on price as they simply do not have the overheads. All the can think is to increase FEES on Shops. No imagination No innovation. All about the next Q.

      You are correct about the site it is truly become awful, people will just leave and shop elsewhere

  • Leader of the Banned
    5 years ago

    eBay messaging is horrendously slow & has been for weeks now on every browser available. I reckon the site is just too old & falling apart. So much is wrong & that they would have to shut the site down to fix everything, which they are not prepared to do. They will continue to keep quiet about their embarrassments & tax the sellers to make a profit until there are no wheels on their wagon.

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