Amazon Prime launches in Mexico

By Chris Dawson March 7, 2017 - 6:51 pm

If you have a unified North American Amazon account, you should be considering selling on Amazon Mexico. If you are selling on Amazon Mexico you may be pleased to learn that Amazon Prime was launched in Mexico today.

To take full advantage of Amazon Prime does of course have the prerequisite that you use FBA. For Mexico this carries the distinct advantage of not having to worry about in-country returns – If you self-fulfil, Amazon will expect you to have a Mexican return address for returns and warranty service.

What does Amazon Prime offer in Mexico?

Amazon Prime offers Mexicans free 1 day shipping to Mexico City, Guadalajara, Puebla and Querétaro or in 2 days for the rest of the country. In certain limited access areas, free shipping will be offered within 3 to 5 business days. There are also discounts on same-day shipments to Mexico City from Amazon Mexico and discounts on priority shipments from the United States in 2 to 4 days. Finally free standard shipment from will be offered which will take up to 9 days.

Amazon Prime in Mexico comes with the standard 30 day free no obligation trial. Then for the first year in a special introductory offer Prime in Mexico will cost 449 pesos. For second year renewals the regular price of 899 pesos will be charged.

Strategy for selling to Mexico on Amazon

For you as a seller the first step is to make sure that your FBA products listed on are available to buyers in Mexico. Consider listing directly on Amazon Mexico and, at least to start with, put products into Amazon Mexico FBA to make life easy. If you find you are successful in selling to Mexico you may wish to consider setting up your own distribution and returns operations in country, but FBA really does appear to be the easiest route to market.

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