New Etsy Studio market to showcase craft supplies

By Chris Dawson February 16, 2017 - 4:22 pm

Etsy has announced a new home for craft supplies (and new features to assist sellers) which will be called ‘Etsy Studio‘ and is due to launch this Spring.

Etsy Studio is the first new market Etsy has built from the ground up since the marketplace first launched in 2005. They aim to make it a global market dedicated to craft supplies. Etsy Studio will showcase DIY projects alongside supplies and tools, making the path from inspiration through purchase simple for shoppers.

Etsy say that selling craft supplies presents unique challenges so they have developed a new suite of tools for sellers including new listing attributes to help improve your discoverability in search and an easier way to manage inventory. These new features, which will be available for all Etsy sellers, will improve the search experience for shoppers on Etsy Studio.

The good news for sellers is that Etsy will automatically set up your existing craft supply listings on Etsy Studio, so there’s no additional work to get started. Etsy fees will stay at 3.5%, there are no additional fees for being visible on Etsy Studio. Listings will also remain visible on Etsy.

This is an interesting move as it could bring a tranche of new buyers and sellers to Etsy. If you’re a crafter it doesn’t matter if you decoupage, knit, whittle, sew or stick, Etsy Studio will have the supplies that you need.

For sellers who don’t currently sell on Etsy, you don’t have to sell handmade goods, you can sell your craft supplies so if you’re new to Etsy it’s time to consider listing everything from wool, to card and from paint to chisels. Think a little laterally, if you’re selling tools almost any tool could be craft related. If you’re selling any type of art supplies why aren’t you making them available on Etsy?

  • 5 months ago

    Its there again. It’s getting to a stage that ETSY is starting to be everywhere, but not tried it before and sat here thinking if its worth trying it. I know from what people say that it has never been as big as EBay or Amazon but it does well. Does anybody else do well on this platform and does anybody know a good plugin to send products to ETSY from Woocommerce that does the job well.

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