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By Chris Dawson February 13, 2017 - 2:30 pm

One of the most frequent questions we get asked from new sellers is “Where can I buy my stock from?”. It’s often a difficult question to answer if the prospective seller has a particular product set in mind, but if you’re open to selling a variety of products then Discount Wholesale could be the answer.

We’ve come across sellers before who run a profitable eBay business buying at Discount Wholesale’s retail shops (Poundworld). They’ll spot a great product, list it online and use a local branch to replenish their stock. What’s not quite so well known is that you can buy direct as a wholesale customer, so today we asked Discount Wholesale what they have to offer:

What does Discount Wholesale do?

Discount Wholesale provides a comprehensive, easy to navigate wholesale website with over 3,000 products from a variety of different product ranges. This includes everything from everyday essentials to our fantastic seasonal ranges – including Christmas, Halloween and more.

Backed by extensive high street retail knowledge, we know exactly what customers want – and this is what we’ll provide for you.

Why would someone use Discount Wholesale over competitors?

We have the edge over our competitors in so many ways. We provide our members with an easy to use website, small carton quantities, a low minimum order value and exceptionally competitive prices. Not only that, but we have the extensive high street knowledge that only comes from them having over 350 retail stores behind us, and we have an international team of buyers, so we’re always at the cutting edge of retail developments.

All of this means we can deliver incredible savings and really dedicated personal service to our customers – qualities you won’t find with our competition.

What would your ideal customer look like?

We don’t have an ideal customer; we cater for everyone!

With so many products available, both online and in our well-stocked showroom, we’re ideally placed to serve all types of businesses: from marketplace sellers and schools to convenience stores and leisure industries – and everything in between!

What are your order requirements? How long does delivery take?

The only requirement we have is that customers meet our minimum order of £500. This then gives you free shipping to mainland UK in 3-5 working days.

What sort of margins could I expect to make?

Just as every customer is unique, every business is different, so the margins expected are all dependant on the products that you’re selling. Having said that, we offer a wide range of pound lines and plenty of goods that are suitable for postal service. Equally, if you’re looking for a niche product then you’ve come to the right place!

With sourcing offices in both Normanton and Shanghai we are at the forefront of all the latest trends and fads, always keeping you, the e-tailer, a step ahead of your competitors when it comes to reaching your customers.

What else would you like to tell Tamebay’s readers?

From 2012, there has been nothing but growth at Discount Wholesale! Having just undertaken a huge expansion, we now have a brand-new office with a 500,000 sq ft warehouse, accompanied by a huge new showroom. This allows us to showcase all the fantastic products that are available to purchase online, or through one of our reps.

With high stock levels from both the new Distribution Centre and external warehouses, Discount Wholesale is a reliable choice for your retail needs.

Case Study

Sophie, eBay seller

When the Discount Wholesale journey began back in 2012, Sophie was one of our first customers, having been introduced by wholesale manager Nigel Goodhead. Five years – and just under 300 orders – later, Sophie is still a regular customer, ordering up to three times a week.

Sophie commented, “I’m so happy with the products I’ve purchased, and so are my customers. I order so often because I frequently sell out of the stock I purchase from Discount Wholesale”.

Contact Discount Wholesale

Discount Wholesale are based at Poundworld House, Premier Way North, Normanton Industrial Estate, Normanton WF6 1GY.

You can contact them on +44 (0) 345 557 7353, via email at [email protected] or direct via the Discount Wholesale website.

  • S moffett
    5 years ago

    Do you cater for prospective customers in N Ireland?

    • 5 years ago

      Hello, we do indeed!

      We have a sales reps that look after different parts of the UK/International.

      Please contact [email protected] for N Ireland queries.

      Charlotte @ Discount Wholesale

  • PayPalUser
    5 years ago

    Tell us what it is that Sophie sells??

    • 5 years ago


      We can’t narrow it right down to a pinpoint because she orders so many different products from different ranges. Typically anything from stationary to housewares, travel accessories and garden! It’s a very mixed bag in terms of product she sells!

      Charlotte @ Discount Wholesale

  • PayPalUser
    5 years ago

    Not sure what is going on here, this seller Sophie sells a particular item for £1.89 which she obtains from Discount Wholesale for £0.65

    When RM discounted postage, ebay and PayPal fees, packaging and VAT are taken into account, she is selling at a loss of at least £0.36

    Can anyone here tell me how this is done, thanks

    • 5 years ago


      While we don’t like to comment on individual customers’ orders, what we can tell you is that most ebay and online sellers order a variety of different stock items from us at a time.

      When they come to sell these on, they take the price for the entirety of the order as their base line. They then price everything they sell as low as they can, taking into account the fees etc. you’ve mentioned for the entirety of the order, and making sure that while they may make a loss on one or two items, they will make an overall profit.

      Hope that helps answer your question.

      Charlotte @ Discount Wholesale

  • Lu
    5 years ago

    Their logo looks very familiar.

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