Etsy to launch craft supply marketplace

By Dan Wilson February 21, 2017 - 11:35 pm

Etsy is well known as that sexy and good looking marketplace for vintage, retro and vintage items. Basically they trade in anything that’s not mass produced. But they’re making a new foray and they’re calling it Etsy Studio. It’s a marketplace for consumers and sellers that will concentrate on trading craft supplies.

It’s a cunning plan. Not only will they be servicing buyers who want to get involved with making unique items, perhaps to sell on Etsy, but it also means existing sellers can source new goods to craft with and also dispose of excess supplies. As any crafter knows, there’s always a ball or two of wool, some beads or other materials, left over at the end of a project. And Etsy is in a prime position to take advantage.

As the dedicated blog post says: “Etsy Studio, the first new market we’ve built from the ground up since debuted in 2005, will be a global market dedicated to craft supplies that seamlessly combines inspiration and shopping in one place. When it launches this spring, visitors will be able to shop original DIY projects and tutorials alongside all of the supplies they need to bring those creative projects to life.”

Etsy Studio is expected to launch in the Spring. Etsy has approximately 1.7 million active sellers and 27 million active buyers according to reports from September 30th 2016.

The guys at Etsy have made a number of announcements for new programmes and services. This video from Etsy explains them all.

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Etsy is well known and a major player in the handmade and vintage arena with a marketplace that offers curated collections and suggestions.

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