eBay Open is back in 2017. This time in Las Vegas

By Dan Wilson February 23, 2017 - 5:11 am

eBay has announced that will be holding another eBay Open event in 2017. This time they’re heading to Las Vegas for three days in July from the 25th to the 27th. Full details are expected to follow. No exact information on the agenda or speakers are available right now.

But expect seminars, talks, announcements and keynotes, an exhibition with stalls, drinks and music and all on a US scale. And it’s in Vegas baby yeah.

These events have been useful in the past. Some years back eBay Live was held in Boston, Orlando and Chicago with as many as 10k eBay sellers converging on a conference centre for several days of revelry and educational content. And there was always a good end party with music and food and drink. The recent events haven’t had so many eBay sellers attend.

Chris and I haven’t attended one of the eBay Open events since the gatherings were resurrected a few years back. They may not be on the same scale these days but they do offer an opportunity to meet eBay staff and network with other sellers.

Are you tempted to go? Of course, with the relative weakness of sterling right now, travel to the US is rather more pricey than it has been in the past. Last year the event cost $199 to attend but that did include quite a few meals and other shenanigans and was pretty good value. And, needless to say, the yanks do such events on quite a different scale to we Brits. So, if a US holiday is on the cards in 2017 and you fancy Las Vegas, then this could be a good opportunity. You might even be able to make much of it tax deductible? 😉

  • Graham Forsdyke
    3 years ago

    There was also an Ebay Live in Vegas –the year before the Boston one.
    And I remember talk of one scheduled for Germany and London.
    Methinks that Ebay suddenly worked out what these were costing them

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