eBay Ireland Free shop for 90 days promo

By Chris Dawson February 15, 2017 - 2:42 pm

If you are a business seller and your company is registered in Ireland then there’s a promotion for a free Anchor or Featured eBay shop for 90 days.

As well as no monthly Shop subscription fee for the first 90 days, you’ll be able to list for free on over 15 international eBay sites. You can list as many free 0-day or Good Til Cancelled duration fixed price listings on international eBay sites as with the subscription of the equivalent of Featured or Anchor Shop on these sites.

The promotion starts today (15th February) and runs until the 31st December 2017. Choose your subscription level carefully though, closing your eBay Shop or change subscription level will end the free trial immediately. If you decide during the trial you don’t wish to continue your subscription then you’ll need to close your shop before the trial ends.

To qualify for the promotion you must be a business seller and your company is registered in Ireland and:

  • Your seller account meets our seller performance standards.
  • You meet the requirements for opening a Featured or Anchor Shop.
  • You open a Featured or Anchor Shop within the promotion period.
  • You meet the following terms and conditions.

If you’d like to open an eBay Ireland shop, sign up on the website. Full T’s and C’s are available on the promo page.

  • SAM
    2 years ago

    Not registered in Ireland otherwise would have a shot at this, however I may well be soon, I have got my get out of Brexit jail card with my Irish partner, who wants to be stuck with the UK market “battle to the bottom”.
    No monthly shop subscription sounds sweet as ebay’s shops are so overpriced. Problem with there is nothing on it that is in Ireland.
    Ireland is not there with e-commerce yet from personal experience it is 10 years behind the UK, I know all this from spending to much time in Ireland so many things are so overpriced (taxed to death) in the shops, I know people who go to the north for the weekly shop, and the also order things from the UK and get them sent to these lockers in the North and pay a fee to get them delivered. There is a lot of protectionism in Ireland also very unionised lot of jobs for the boys it holds the country back I think.
    The delivery infrastructure is OK but can get stretched during peak season. However it is nice to see DOING a very decent offer for business sellers, will ever follow suit (to greedy I doubt it) plus they need to support Tescos and Argos.

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