Calling all food producers: Sell at Morrisons

By Chris Dawson February 19, 2017 - 7:29 pm

If you are a local food producer then Morrisons want to hear from you. They have launched ‘The Nation’s Local Foodmakers’ campaign which aims to get local produce into each Morrisons store and sell more British food.

Morrisons want to recruit more than 200 new suppliers from across England, Scotland and Wales in the first year and are inviting foodmakers to pitch for their place in its supermarkets.

The programme will see Morrisons buyers tour Great Britain in search of the best local producers to supply its 491 stores nationwide. The company has a priority of sourcing more local food and is keen to reduce the distance that food travels. The search will result in more customers being able to buy more food in a British supermarket that was grown, made, picked or packaged within 30-60 miles of their local store,

A survey commissioned by Morrisons revealed that British customers have an appetite to buy more local food because they believe it to be more trustworthy, and that it supports their local communities.

Morrisons say that supporting local foodmakers will have wider benefits for the nation and the British countryside. It will support the local economy, maintain a thriving agricultural sector, create greater diversity of farm types producing more diverse foods, benefiting the countryside. It will also potentially produce food more efficiently and transparently, increasing our trust in it.

If you believe that you should be a supplier to one of the UK’s biggest supermarkets, you can apply at to be invited to an event in your region where you can showcase your food to customers, Morrisons staff and Women’s Institute members.

Morrisons buyers will also be present to decide who is selected to take their place in Morrisons supermarkets.

Nation’s Local Foodmakers Recruitment Event Dates
Tuesday 14 March
South West
Wednesday 22 March
North West
Week commencing 3 April
Week commencing 10 April
South West
Week commencing 24 April
North East
Week commencing 1 May
Isle of Wight
Week commencing 15 May
South East
Week commencing 22 May
Week commencing 5 June
Week commencing 12 June
West Midlands
Week commencing 26 June
East Midlands
Week commencing 3 July

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