Amazon and PayPal in talks, Amazon’s freight hub and the new Tamebay website [video]

By Dan Wilson February 8, 2017 - 12:18 am

Our new video looks at Amazon expansion plans especially the massive new development of a freight hub in Kentucky and also plans for cargo ships between China and the USA. It also looks at  PayPal‘s talks with Amazon and the launch of the new Tamebay  website and what the benefits are for readers.

To find more video content from Tamebay you can visit our channel here. (And if the video isn’t showing in your browser, you can view it on YouTube here.)

Here are the story links relevant to the video.

Amazon and PayPal in talks about payments

Amazon ahoy! Now they’re taking to the seas

Amazon plans $1.5bn US cargo hub in Kentucky

Welcome to the New Tamebay Website

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