1 million Brits have downloaded the DPD app

By Dan Wilson February 23, 2017 - 12:08 am

Delivery firm DPD says that one million people have downloaded the Your DPD app since last May.

It’s a clever app. You can set your delivery preferences and track deliveries. You can request that drivers always avoid certain times of the day (maybe the school run). In a big brotherish turn the app will also tell drivers when you return home using geo-location tech. This means that a driver can pop back, if you weren’t at home earlier in the day, and drop your parcel off. The app is available for Apple and Android phones and also works on Apple watches.

DPD’s CEO Dwain McDonald commented on what users like about the app: “We know that one of the most popular features is the ability to tell us times of the day that aren’t convenient for a delivery. We always use the example of the school run, but there are lots of other uses for that feature. The option to go back to customers who were out earlier in the day and make a successful delivery when they get home is streets ahead of every other delivery company, and is just one of the reasons customers vote us number one, again and again.

DPD has developed a reputation for being forward thinking when it comes to innovation and technology and this milestone in having 1 million apps out in the wild is striking. It’s good for marketplace sellers too because it means that the friction points of taking delivery of parcels is diminished. And that should help sellers using DPD get top-notch satisfaction delivery feedback on the marketplaces.

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