UK Mail becomes a German mail company

By Chris Dawson January 3, 2017 - 6:15 am

Deutsche Post DHL Group completed the acquisition of UK Mail just before Christmas. UK Mail Group plc shares will be cancelled, the company’s Articles of Association amended and UK Mail’s operations will be added to the European parcel network of Deutsche Post DHL Group.

DHL Parcel has been expanding its cross-border network since 2014 and now covers 18 European countries. As part of Deutsche Post DHL Group’s Strategy 2020, DHL Parcel Europe is continuously examining attractive European markets and rivals with a view to expanding their operations.

UK Mail invested heavily in IT and in product and service innovation and in 2015 moved to a new automated hub in Ryton, near Coventry. The result is that it offered one of the largest integrated Parcels and Mail operations in the UK making it attractive to DHL.

  • Simon E
    9 months ago

    I think this will be interesting.
    We started using DHL global mail a while back.
    Although the UK is not listed as a destination, as an experiment, I sent a packet to myself!

    It was tracked all the way through and I am sure would satisfy ebay and amazon and all for less than the cost of a tracked packet in the UK as far as I can work out.
    Just sad it had to go to Germany to be put back into the UK mailing system.

    What I do like about it is that I just put a tracking label on it and off it goes.
    I don’t have to look at the size or weight as they process it all. Saves me time.
    Would be lovely to see the same system used to process UK packets Tracked.

    • K
      9 months ago

      DHL Global Mail has caused us all kinds of problems recently. Ebay used to support DHL Global Mail but last summer they removed it and replaced it with DHL eCommerce which is a completely different US only service. This means there’s no longer a good way to put in the tracking numbers on Ebay. You put them in as DHL Global Mail and it now sends customers to the wrong website or you put them in as Deutsche Post and it doesn’t show any updates until the mailbags reach Frankfurt and customers accuse you of dispatching late. Neither Ebay or DHL are interested in fixing this.

      Then there’s all the customers who see “DHL” and think it’s DHL Express. So they phone DHL who ask for the AWB and then tell the customer that their package has been delivered to Frankfurt. Then we get an angry call from the customer asking why we sent to the wrong address.

      Then there’s all the customers who accuse us of being scammers when they see the tracking originating from Germany instead of the UK. Irish customers in particular are bad at this – they seem to totally ignore our delivery estimates and assume everything from the UK will arrive in 2-3 days.

      Most of these problems could be avoided if Deutsche Post DHL had a single integrated tracking page instead of a different tracking system for every service (Deutsche Post Mail, Deutsche Post Packet, DHL Express, DHL Global Mail, DHL Global Mail Asia, DHL eCommerce, etc, etc). Compare to say Royal Mail and Parcelforce (and to a lesser extent even GLS) where the tracking numbers will work on either site because they’re both part of RMG.

    • 9 months ago

      Potentially this could be much more interesting for German merchants selling into the UK than for domestic UK sellers…

  • Gerry007
    9 months ago

    Ironic really, Ukmail seem to have a habit of loosing packets for us (one loss pending @ £180) just disappeared off the tracking system after Heathrow… So as not to upset the buyer, we had to use DHL to get the replacement packet to AU quickly, dropped offf at their local depot on a Monday @ 6pm, deliveried & signed in Sydney AU, Thursday 5pm.

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