myHermes reduce signature requirements and lower costs

By Chris Dawson January 8, 2017 - 8:35 pm

myHermes have changed their signature requirements which should save you money and at the same time increase the rate of successful first time deliveries.

From today items sent via myHermes and valued between £25.00 to £50.00 will no longer need a mandatory signature. This both enables the courier to leave in a safe place and saves you money. Whilst they don’t say, we would guess that myHermes have run the numbers and believe a small number of potential loss claims will be more than compensated by getting items delivered faster with less friction.

An example provided by myHermes is when you are sending a parcel that requires £40.00 cover without signature, you will now only have to pay £0.45, not including signature versus £1.30 previously which did include signature.

The overall cost of a signature will reduce from £1.00 (Inc. VAT) to £0.80 (Inc. VAT) for all parcels.

Parcel cover on items worth up to the value of £25 will remain free of charge. You still have the option whether or not to buy full coverage for more expensive items.

  • Russell
    9 months ago

    I had the same email by Hermes last week and was also offered a free quote for using their service.

    After sending them the info required including the expected monthly quantity of parcels & my postcode they replied saying they could not give me a quote without an exact street address and the average number of parcels a week I would be sending.

    My postcode relates to about 10 addresses and how hard can it be to work out an average weekly amount from a monthly figure?

    I am sure they offer a good service but it did make me wonder if they can’t cope with something so simple how they would deal with a real problem.

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