International selling finance webinar 19/1/17

By Chris Dawson January 3, 2017 - 5:59 am

iwoca are joining up with Currencies Direct and Simply VAT to help you master the finance fundamentals of international selling. Hear from experts in tax compliance, foreign exchange and working capital management for an hour of essential money management strategies for cross-border SMEs:

1. Control your cash-flow – Richard Sutton, iwoca

For most small businesses, balancing cash-flow is one of the most obvious barriers to growth. Whether you’re securing that next large stock investment or bridging a short-term gap: discover how flexible credit can help your business reach its next revenue goal.

2. Get tax compliant – Claire Taylor, SimplyVAT

Recent crack-downs on online marketplace sellers have led to heavy penalties and fines, but ensuring your business is adhering to tax rules across Europe can get complicated when regulations differ from country to country. Learn how to avoid non-compliance and increase your global reach.

3. Make foreign exchange work to your advantage – Oriana Marcolongo, Currencies Direct

Selling cross-border exposes your business to movements in foreign exchange markets that can seriously affect your bottom line for better or worse. Learn which tools are available to protect your business from market risk and how to maximise profits from overseas sales.

The webinar will run from 3 to 4pm GMT and you’ll need to register in advance to reserve your place.

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